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Name: cacaliadragon (Signed) · Date: 12/24/2013 08:18 am · For: part 16

I loved this! I can't believe that I didn't complete this story until this morning when I finished reading it on my kindle.  I loved the combo of Hansel, Gretel, and Xander.  My favorite part was that Xander was a leader and a protector and that he put the outcome in the hands of others and loved them despite the fact that they both denied him on more than one occassion.  I hope that in the future you may be inspired to write a sequeal, but even if you never get another bunny for this universe I simply adore it.  


Thank you so much for this and I'm sorry it took so long for me to give you feedback on it.


P.S.  Thank you for the Christmas card, it really made my day to recieve it.  

Author's Response: they are well suited and it's not like any of them have to worry about their partner not being able to protect themselves during a hunt. You're welcome for the card too, dear. It's what friends do, right? ::hugs::

Name: Doodle (Signed) · Date: 11/22/2013 07:52 am · For: Part 8
Excellent chapter. 1,000/10

The next time time Xander has a meeting with Queen Elizabeth they should talk about setting up a monetary currency conversion system between their two Kingdoms so that they have an official currency conversion/exchange system. Canada and other places they would potentially buy/import stuff from too.

Name: sekmarc (Signed) · Date: 10/09/2013 09:30 pm · For: part 16
A good story. I like Lineage better though. In part because it just seems to have been written better. You can see the progression of time a it happens whereas here, if you're not paying close attention, out can miss the quick and vague mentions of time passing, making it seem as though the whole story aes place over a period of a few weeks or months rather than the couple of years it probably was. Also, the scenes shifted from centering on one person to another so abruptly, often onto s person that was never named, that it was really easy to become confused what was going on with who. That happened a few times with this story. The other reason I liked Lineage better was because I just like the plot more, and because of the inclusion of the Winchesters while minimizing Sam. Sam is just not my favorite character. Anyway, while a good story over all, I'll be far more excited when you post a new chapter for Lineage. Thanks for the read, Happy Writing!

Author's Response: at least you liked something. happy reading but it'll probably be a month for the next part of lineage. vo

Name: Kynnetic (Signed) · Date: 10/08/2013 02:33 am · For: part 16

This was certainly entertaining, but instead of Gretel and Xander it should have been Clint, Hanzel and Xander... Would have been an awesome combo. Then again, I'm just generally more partial to slash than any het. That could be my bias speaking up.

Great read!

Author's Response: i tried but it wouldn't bend that way so it was gretel/xander/hansel instead. sorry but i'm glad you liked the rest. vo

Name: LunarBard (Signed) · Date: 10/04/2013 01:35 am · For: Part 11
I love this series.

Author's Response: thank you. the rest of the story will be up soon if i can ever get it proofread. vo

Name: cacaliadragon (Signed) · Date: 09/18/2013 11:06 pm · For: Part 8
Xander is definitely going to come back and kill people for messing with his Slayers. I have a feeling he won't need Gretel to toast the old line Watchers and the Devon Coven.


Author's Response: oh yes he did, and he came up with a beautiful bier to burn the devon coven on. if only the cops hadn't responded too soon. but it's being fixed for him and everyone's aware so things can not happen in a bad way any longer. until the apocalypse battle. vo

Name: DemonChyld (Signed) · Date: 09/14/2013 02:03 am · For: Part 8
In response to the authors note on chapter 7, thank you so much for having a new story that invaded your brain and won't let up on you! I'm so looking forward to the rest of this entertaining and interesting tale you are weaving! I really hope to hear more in this story soon!

Author's Response: fairly soon, early next month for more and hopefully it'll be ended by then. but i'm glad you're liking it.

Name: Ladyholder (Signed) · Date: 09/13/2013 05:32 am · For: Part 8
I have to say, that when I got to the end of this, I screamed. The trip to Xander-land had ended.

This is wonderful.

Thank you!


Author's Response: no, the trip to xander land is nowhere near over. you guys have just about half of what i have done so you've got a lot of time left in xander land. vo

Name: Doodle (Signed) · Date: 09/04/2013 04:23 am · For: Part 1
Does this fic have a prequel? (I just started reading this fic and got up to the first few lines where the guard(s) said Lord Xander and went to get more guards and when they got to the other world the guards winced) (This way I know if there's a previous fic to this fic that I should read first or if it says/explains it (the backstory of how Xander got there and got a castle, etc,.) later on in the fic).

Author's Response: no, it's explained throughout the story. some of it clint later explains to the others since he and xander have a teasing relationship. some of it dawn explains to someone. you'll get a good explanation probably more than once in the story. vo

Name: Monika (Signed) · Date: 09/01/2013 03:56 pm · For: Part 6
Thank you for the update. I love this Story.

Author's Response: you're welcome. now if only the story would finally end itself. ::sigh:: vo

Name: LunarBard (Signed) · Date: 09/01/2013 03:33 pm · For: Part 6
Love this chapter too. I love the Phil/Dawn pairing.

Author's Response: thanks. phil's not used to quiet insanity yet but he'll do good as xander's heir to the throne. vo

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