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New Slayers, New Things, New Problems. FRT
The lead up to the battle with Thanos. Making of plans to make plans.

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Hunting in the New City. FRT
Things get back to normal with Xander back in the US and we get to see the wacky...

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Name: leopard_2010 (Signed) · Date: 10/31/2018 08:56 am · For: Shipping It or Not Shipping It.
Finally came around to read the newest parts and as usual:
superb and made my day :-)

Author's Response: you're welcome.

Name: goblin214 (Signed) · Date: 10/30/2018 02:46 pm · For: Shipping It or Not Shipping It.
I loved how everyone keeps freaking when they find out about the multiple Xander's and I can't wait to see what Xander does to the NSA for trying to get Valkerie. And if everyone doesn't leave Shuri alone about maybe liking Xander she may just try to date Eric to get them to shut up.

Author's Response: so far he hasn't done anything to them...yet. but maybe.... and shuri's trying to ship eric/xander but they won't give in yet. she'll try to get Tin and others onto her shipping soon.

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