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A Village Too Far

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A Village Too Far.

The Stargate team came through the stargate and was met with three young women, all very similar looking, probably siblings. "We come in peace," the leader said. "We came to see if we can set up peaceful relations."

The girls shared a look then shrugged. "We don't mind," they agreed in English. The team stared at them oddly. They smiled back.

"Come back to the village. You can meet our town's leaders. They're getting ready for the yearly battle to sit in the big chair at the tables." They led them back.

"Visitors!" one of them shouted. "Who speak our language!" Everyone came out to look at them. The three in the usual leading positions came out fo the main city building. She nodded at them. "They came through the gateway Mom built."

"You're all related?" one of the team members asked.

"Long story," the lead one, presently in charge, said with a smile. "Who're you with, strangers?"

"We're with Stargate Command on earth. We're usually called Tauri."

She nodded. "We've seen a few of your kinds and have heard rumors from our trading partners." She looked at the other two, who just nodded. "Come sit and talk with us. This is our town, the Dale of Suns." They walked them into the town building, which was basically a big open room with lots of pillows to sit on. "Forgive the squishiness. They haven't been restuffed in a month." They sat down together, staring at them. "We know of your planet."

"Did you come from there maybe?" one asked. "I'm Tom, a linguist and sociologist. This is Pam, our techno geek, and Bradley, our team leader. The last one is our science geek, Toby."

She smiled. "We don't really have more than pet names among us. Mother couldn't decide."

"So you're all related? Did she rescue you?"

They shared a look then stared at him. "Our mother was apparently worried about something and found us ready to be born in another realm. She and a few people she magicked into helping her pulled us here and let us grow up as new Amazons. The only time we've seen Father, he showed up to yell at her and kick her around for teaching us that men were lesser beings and for bringing us here without telling him. Then he had to go rescue someone and she nicely made sure he can't come back." The three shrugged. "We've since decided Mom was somewhat of a dumbass."

The team mates all nodded at that. "It sounds like she tried to do good at least," Bradley agreed. "Are you all set here? Can we get you home to your natal planet?"

"We'd probably never fit in," one of the secondary ones sighed. "And we're trained to protect the planet in case someone else comes."

"Would you need to have help finding settlers to aid in genetic diversity?" Toby asked. "If you're all related that could become a problem later."

"Oh, we have siblings who aren't born yet," the lead one said with a smile. "Mom said that forty of us at once was more than enough. So there's over three hundred waiting their turn. The machines the magic compelled ones created will make us future clones or children."

"Do your people usually use magic?" The three lit up balls of fires on their hands, all different colors. "Huh, that's a myth on earth."

The girls all smiled. "So are amazons," the third one said with a smile. "Mom said she watched a movie and got the idea for saving us."

"That figures," Bradley agreed. "Humans have myths of amazons but no real proof they existed." Tom coughed. "He thinks there's evidence but it's not totally supported by everyone."

The girls smirked at him. "Quit thinking we're damsels. Like all real amazons, we were taught to be protective." Bradley nodded at that. "I'm not sure what sort of trade alliance we can work out. We don't create much more than we need to."

"We can trade for medicines or for things like energy manufacturing."

"Ours comes from the rivers," the third one said with a hand wave. "Medicines, we're pretty healthy. We've only had one broken leg in the last ten years. Something at the gate will stop any germs. Mom fiddled with it with her magic compelled friends." They shared a look. "Check in to tell your people we're not mean. We can eat tonight and talk more. We have chores in a bit and we'll be nagged if we don't do them. Some of the others wouldn't want our jobs but will take them for six months to get on our nerves."

They smiled, calling in from the main part of the village while the ladies went to do chores. The few kids in the village came out to talk to them, and one nearly talked them out of their weapons somehow. They weren't sure how but she was quickly petting them and calling them pets. The other kids came running to play with them too. One fired a gun off, and brought two adults, who came to nag. "Sorry," Bradley said, taking his gun back. The kid bit him. "Hey! You shouldn't play with those."

The female of the pair looked at him then snickered quietly. "We all adore weapons. It's from Dad's side." She looked at the kids. "Did you *ask* to pet their weapons?" They pouted and gave them back. "Thank you! We don't want to misbehave enough to bring Mom back, right?" They shook their heads and went to play with the cats hanging around the town.

The male shook his head. "All of us were weird kids. I'll give them crossbow time tonight to make sure they know what they're doing and wear out the need to pet weapons." He walked off shaking his head.

She smiled at them. "Forgive the brother. He's a very uptight twin of mine." She looked at one sniffling kid. "You know she hates to be petted. Quit doing it!" They pouted and went to help milk the goats. She walked off rolling her eyes and shaking her head. She came back in glasses and with her dark hair up in a ponytail. "So, where on earth are you from? We have earth history books but of course they're lower level ones."

"Did you all take human classes?"

She wiggled a hand in the air. "Kinda. Oh Em Gee, quit that!" she bellowed. "Before I call on the power of Thor to beat your ass!" That older one quit complaining. She smiled at them. "Sorry. What?"

"You know about Thor?"

"We got some limited memories transferred from our original sources." She grinned. "Mine apparently knew a real Thor. Not an alien one."

"Huh." Tom nodded once. "That's kinda weird."

She grinned. "Sometimes, we all are." She looked behind her then got up to go stop the kid from harassing the goat. She walked him off to put him into a corner and pointed. "Make me turn into Mom." The kid shrank down and stared in the corner so she could go sit down again. "Sorry you had to see that."

"Kids do those sort of things in all cultures," Tom agreed. "We consider you using time outs to be an excellent and educated form of bad behavior deterrent."

"Thank you. Most of us are a bit hyper so it works best until we're old enough to wear that out of ourselves." She sat back down with them.

"Did you meet the ones you call mother and father?" Tom asked. "Are they from our planet?"

"Probably." She grinned. "But maybe not the same one. Mom did not want us near hers because she worried about how many of us there were. She thought we might take over on a bad problem and have to solve things." She shrugged. "We only handle problems when they show up."

"Have you had to handle anything like an Ori?"

"Oh, them." She grinned and pointed at one of the lead ones. "She totally blew him off, took over his people, and they're free now." They blinked at her. She just grinned. "Not like we're going to wait around like damsels in a story."

"True. We were going to share information on other peoples we've met out here in case you ran into them," Tom said.

"Please. Gib, come see. They have intel on other peoples."

"Cool!" She came over to see them. She got their records and came out to show them what they had learned and dealt with. That gave them a few other species of beings they could look forward to meeting.

A young teen wandered through the town talking to himself about how the chaos was growing. He didn't look at anyone but headed off down a small path in the woods nearby. Then he yelped and something came running. Gib and the others all fired on it and it died.

"Waste of ammo," one of the other three shouted. "Call that shit, people!"

"Sorry, Fra!" Gib and the others called back. She sighed. "She's so mean about wasting ammo." They went back to talking about other beings.

That night, Fra and Gib took the team to the childhood building. It was very shiny and looked like an earth building, if it had been made in stucco. But it had overhead lights and electricity, more than the whole village. Above the door was a phrase written in Latin. The team looked at Tom, who shrugged. He didn't read Latin. Gib laughed. Fra translated. "It says Janus got fucked in the head, that's why we're all here'."

"You guys use Latin?"

"Mom made us all able to read it at least. She brought a huge library that we mostly don't go near. Well, most of us." She led them into the building, letting them see the cradles and the cryo units. "Mom scried and found us in those," Fra said with a point at the cryo containers for seed samples. "She said someone really got fucked in the head by Janus for having the idea to have us all be born." She smiled. "Her magically compelled friends helped her build the rest of this to let us come into being. Including stuff from another universe she scried for them." She waved a hand around.

Gib nodded. "The computer randomly selects a sample to be brought to life. Then we're grown, taken to the village when we're done, and we come back here when we're eighteen to get copied for later rebirths. We've only lost one sample in all the time we've been around," she said proudly. "We brought back what we could of her and the computer stored it but it says it's not fully there. We may have to complete it with another sample. The computer's AI can do that for us if we decide to. We're still talking about that."

"Probably with the second one we almost lose," Fra agreed. "Combining them like kids."

"So how do you get names?" Bradley asked.

"We pick from what's on the sample container. A few kids are really unlucky because they only have numbers on theirs. They tend to take the name Chaos."

Bradley nodded. "That makes sense I guess." He looked at a few of the samples on display for growth. One name made his butt clench. That's when he realized. "Your realm isn't from ours. The one she found you in, right?" They shook their heads with a grin. "That's cool I guess." They went back to the main village to talk some more. The team went home to make a preliminary report. But left out the samples. Someone would get a wild hair up their asses. They wanted to check on how they were perceived by the other colonies near them.

They were soundly liked but everyone was cautious of them because they could do wild, crazy things like make priors beg to worship them and make gou'ald run from them. A real ascended came down to talk to them while Gib was on another trading mission and they had nearly begged for mercy because she sweetly told them off and said she'd come up there with Chaos, Tyd and Fra. They would have fun with the ascended for trying to screw them up.

The Ori had tried to EMP the planet to take out their breeding system. Somehow, even though they didn't have a space ship or higher level weapons, they managed to bring down the space frigate and war ship both, and had turned the Ori people over to another group their mother had started so they could be 'healed'. Now they were Jedi aligned somehow. Whatever that meant since no one on that realm knew anything about them.
The child issue was solved by them taking in any orphans they wanted to, and only about six percent of their population had kids with some other group. They weren't celibate but they didn't procreate that way. There had apparently been one but that one had been a bit evil so died of it after taking out a problem coming for them. It was said he'd come back into being each time the colony was threatened, or their father would have to come back to defend it and no one wanted to see that. Their father had taken on an ascended by hand and had won, mostly by screwing her until she gave up and passed on with a prayer for him to take her status and place in the ascended.

Stargate command decided they would gladly trade fairly with that colony, and perhaps let them get some untainted, unrelated sperm to help them. When they went back, Gib was off conquering a problem area for them. They had been almost attacked. Gib had gotten offended so was off solving that. The team offered to go help her. They blew it off. No one liked to mess with Gib. Or Fra when she got into fight mode. Apparently they scared a lot of people.

The ones who returned Gib on a carried platform, healthy and well, and bathed nicely with flowers in her hair and on her body, said they respected her and she was more than welcome to come be their overlord, but she had wanted to return home. So they let her go and ran for their lives after giving over the plants in tribute she had been trying to trade for when that group had tried to attack them for it.

Gib lifted the plants. "We have coffee!" she announced. The town cheered, taking the plants to go baby in the garden's special area.

Dra came out of the main building humming. "I have berry cookies to go with it!" They cheered again and it was a nice dinner. The team got sent some coffee supplies when they asked for it, leaving it as a sign of good faith in their future trades. The whole village appreciated that and the team got home...three days after they had planned on. But everyone had fun.

Bradley looked at his commanding officer when they finally got back, and had been cleared by medical. They were in good shape, a bit tired, but had been well fed. He blinked at his team then looked at his general again. "We found out that they do have memories from their originating sources, General Jackson. Everyone was a lot happier when Gib brought back coffee."

The general stared at them. "Are they on the O'Neill scale?"

Bradley nodded quickly. "Yes, sir. They're strong allies, strong trade partners that don't want or need much from us, and they scare a lot of people. Oh, and there's an O'Neill there, sir." He pulled out his phone to find the picture, letting him see it. It was Oni and Dan together, grinning like mad at Dar, who had made them special cookies for their birthday. The computer kept those two together when they were reborn.

General Jackson stared at what had to be his kid, and former Jack O'Neill's kid. Jack had ascended after a hard battle. He licked his lips. "Do we know which realm they're from?"

"At least three or four over for their mother, sir," Tom said.

Toby nodded quickly. "Then a few more for their samples. Some things are the same. Like a Gibbs that drinks coffee."

"She's real pretty and real tough," Bradley said with a grin. "She'd probably be able to take over more than the four planets giving them problems if she wanted to."

Jackson put the phone down, letting Bradley take it back. "Anything on the mother?"

"Blonde, magical," Toby said. "Wanted to do the right thing to save people."

Jackson nodded at that. "Sure. I get that." He smiled. "We'll mark them as trading allies and go visit every six months or so to see what they could use."

"More coffee plants," Bradley quipped. "They had a village celebration."

"We can definitely do that," General Jackson agreed, sipping his tea. "You can bring different types to let them see what type they'd like to trade for." The team grinned at him for that. "For now, go rest. You all look tired and you're three days late."

"Village celebration, sir," Bradley said, getting up and going to his bunk. The others followed. Though when they were tested after another mission it was nice that they were now carrying pregnancies like seahorses did. Yes, the Mother had warped a few things when she had made a colony of stored warriors-to-be.

The End.
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