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Name: KittyDresden (Signed) · Date: 07/05/2013 04:13 pm · For: Lineage of the Damned 5: Problems in Playland.
Love this, I love the fact that the issues of it being good humans/demons vs bad humans/demons instead of human vs demon and vampires being actual former humans with hunting being actually called killing are being addressed, though I'm not too sure how effective the Devon coven will be in helping willow with her magic, willfull blindness and issues afterall they have ties to the council who happily use girls as disposible weapons and Willow has to be paticularly hard headed as well to ignore the human bad that she's already seen in Snyder, Harris's, Original Ted, Stein, Her parents, Walsh...etc

Author's Response: some people aren't comfortable if they think that any human, like they are, is capable of being bad things. willow's never really had to face up to the fact that her own parents were slightly bad, that her mother tried to burn her at a stake. or that other bad humans exist. it's like disney vision in a way. but the coven can at least straighten out some things. i don't think they'll fully help. not sure how it'll work itself out. but i'm glad you loved it and the idea there. vo

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