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Year Of Kink: A Slow Start

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Story notes:
I made myself a challenge to use all the kink prompts on my table of prompt ideas in one year. This is the first story in that group, and it is a slow start so far.

Edit for 06/28/2021: I accidentally put something on this one, it hasn't been updated.
Kink list: dry humping, scratching
started November 20, 2020

Sometimes when you walked the halls at SHIELD you really didn't want to watch what was going on in those little labs or offices or even the bigger rooms like the cafeteria. When you did accidentally look, you really did need to forget what you saw. When the director's intern, mostly his delivery messenger of 'stop it before I shoot you' messages, walked up the halls in the lab, he did not want to watch what was going on in any lab. He had learned that lesson the first time.

This time, he had to glance up to see who he was about to run into. That gave him the unfortunate view of one of the geeks scratching herself as she walked and talked to herself, moaning a bit at each new stroke of her short nails. She was barely leaving lines on her arms as she worked herself up. He cleared his throat as he walked around her but didn't look at her again.

He didn't want to seem like he was *watching* or anything that might seem like he was showing interest. She'd file a complaint against him for that. Even though she was in the main hallway working her arms over. He was just glad he wasn't in security. They had to watch things like that and pay attention to it.

He could ignore it until he had to see it. Which meant when he walked into the lab to deliver his newest message, the scientist was gently shifting in her seat as she worked on her math. He looked away from her quickly, finding the other one in the lab grinning at him. "Message from the director," he said, handing it over before scurrying off. He didn't need to see anyone dry humping the chair while happy with their work.

She opened it, read it, and snorted then set it on fire in a glass bowl they kept for such messages. She'd mail back the ashes once they were fully cooled. She looked at her lab mate, who was still dry humping her seat to her music choice while working on her special math project. Clearly it was a *good* math day.

She heard a loud moan and looked out to the hallway, clapping some. The woman out there scratching herself glared at her. "Then get out of the hallway! None of us wanted to see you do that!" The woman stomped off pouting but the lab geek sighed in pleasure, getting back to her own work. Her lab mate looked at her, getting a shrug back. "Belinda. Scratching herself for so long she got off again."

"Great," her lab mate complained. Mostly because her mood was broken. "Who was that kid?"

"Director's flunky. Message saying that we're due to review with him last week so we're overdue."

Her lab partner shook her head. "We just updated him last week!" She sighed, getting back to her math. She turned up the music, getting back into it. Not as happily but she could definitely work herself back up to that.

The first labbie got up. "You've got twelve minutes. I'm going to the coffee shop."

"Thanks for the warning." She waved a hand but as soon as she was alone, she went to their bathroom to have some fun with her hands. She needed the boost to science today.

The End.
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