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Soulmates? Wow, Okay. FRAO
Yes, I wrote a soulmate fic. It seemed like something to do for this challenge...

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Lineage of the Damned 11: The Details Make the Deals. FRM
At least someone took the good advice to talk to others before things happened...

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Summary: There's a break in the usual hunting methods. It lets Xander do some research when an odd new vision hits him about other relations.
Rating: FRT
Category: Buffy Stories & Crossovers > Other Movie, Buffy Stories & Crossovers > Supernatural, Buffy Stories & Crossovers > Other TV
Characters: None
Series: Lineage of the Damned.
Chapter: 1 Completed: Yes
Words: 12690 Read: 10953
Published: 06/02/2013 Updated: 06/02/2013

1. Lineage of the Damned 3: A Break In The Norm. by Voracity2 [Reviews - 4] (12690 words)