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Where It All Began with the future bisexual disaster team members. And a fairly...

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The Council wants Xander dead or out of the way, so they try to take him out...

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[Reviews - 7] Printer

Summary: A reporter interviews Buffy and Willow then finds out about a juicier target, Xander. Not that Xander ever talks to reporters. So she'll just have to make due with his ex's.
Rating: FRT
Category: Non-Buffy Stories & Crossovers
Characters: None
Series: None
Chapter: 1 Completed: Yes
Words: 8858 Read: 23414
Published: 06/23/2013 Updated: 06/23/2013

Story notes:
The list got part of this already but I finally finished it.
1. Interview About The Bad Man. by Voracity2 [Reviews - 7] (8858 words)