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Title: What Would You Do For An Angel? by Voracity2
Rated: FRM [Reviews - 24]
Summary: Clint's lost the thing that was most important to him and he'll do anything to get it back, even help one of the biggest demon magnets ever created.
Category: Buffy Stories & Crossovers > Avengers, Buffy Stories & Crossovers > Supernatural
Characters: None
Series: None
Chapters: 11 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 212273 | Read count: 13085

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Published: 03/24/2013 | Updated: 05/24/2013

Reviewer: Banner Signed
Date: 04/01/2013 Title: Chapter 5: part 5

This was so much fun - and the Impala/Truck relationship helped to lighten the angst. Thanks for this one. I really needed a good story.

Author's Response: you're welcome and yeah, the car pairing is a lot of lightness, and pretty soon the baby cars are adorable. glad you liked it and it helped. vo

Title: The Second Act of CHAOS. by Voracity2
Rated: FRT [Reviews - 4]
Summary: Because the chaos has to keep coming. Some things are now changing in Xander's life since getting the resort. Not that Clint's not there to help his 'bro' in nearly every form of chaos coming their way.
Category: Buffy Stories & Crossovers > Avengers
Characters: None
Series: CHAOS
Chapters: 4 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 59693 | Read count: 49836

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Published: 04/28/2014 | Updated: 04/28/2014

Reviewer: Banner Signed
Date: 06/22/2014 Title: Chapter 4: Part 4

This is the second or maybe the third time I've read this story. I especially like the way Xander and Clint *aren't* sleeping together.

It's interesting and different to have them simply be strong friends. I'm having so much fun watching everyone around them being So Sure that the two men MUST be screwing, just because they are close.

I like thinking about them being lifelong friends, going out to pick up girls (and/or guys), rescuing each other, adventuring together. Most especially, covering each others' backs. Decades down the road, they'll still be friends.

They like each other. It's a delight.

Author's Response: it's the epic bromance. though a few times they just say 'well, he's all the way out there and i'm not so it'd never work' to get people off their backs. but yeah, i can see them saving each other from insane ex's and problems for decades to come. i'm glad you liked it so much.