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How Darcy Got Pregnant. (An Outtake of There's Another Half Lewis/Half Harris Sibling?) FRAO
Darcy wants to be a mom. She has no idea how. She has some visions about that...

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Congrats On Having To Change Things. FRT
Bucky starts to think about independence as he helps Xander get over the loss...

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Name: Doodle (Signed) · Date: 11/25/2014 01:03 pm · For: Part 1
What about "Once Upon a Time"? From a few fics I've read it seems like an interesting setting for Xander to interact with or with his luck at times, to have come from where the inhabitants of the town of Storybrooke originate from pre-curse, the Enchanted Forest.

Author's Response: This should really be on the list instead of in a comment, but i've barely seen any of OUAT. As in part of one episode. So probably not with me at the moment. but thanks for the idea.

Name: Doodle (Signed) · Date: 11/16/2014 01:51 pm · For: Part 4
Excellent chapter. 4,000/10

How are you with the "Merlin" fandom? That would be an interesting crossover with Xander there.

Author's Response: i don't play in the merlin fandom, sorry. never watched it. vo

Name: Doodle (Signed) · Date: 08/16/2014 10:06 am · For: Part 2
Excellent chapter. 4,000/10

Random idea:
The entirety of Shield (minus Hydra agents who were *cough* lost in transition *cough* along with the Avengers plus Loki and a complete copy of Tony's A.I Jarvis are transplanted/transported to a Stargate realities Atlantis that had Xander as its A.I after an (accidental or otherwise) time travelling Xander gets made into an Immortal Guardian of Atlantis by the Ancients/Alterans/Lanteans(Janus, who has the foresight to leave a few hidden charged ZPMs around the City Ship) then when they abandon/evacuate the city to escape the Wraith to Earth or by Ascending to they bind him as the cities A.I and put him him in hibernation/sleep mode where years later the arrival of Shield, Avengers, etc, wakes him up.

Author's Response: thank you. though i do wish you'd send plot bunnies to the list instead of putting them in comments. that way even if i don't take it up there's a lot of amazing authors on the list to see it. vo

Name: Raven (Signed) · Date: 08/11/2014 11:48 am · For: Part 4
This is a great, though I would love to see if Xander could get a mate, though I can never work out who is worthy of the Xander you bring to life. Thanks, I really enjoyed this series. If another pops up, virtual chocolate to you.

Author's Response: i have no idea if there's more after this one or if there's going to be a real mate. but i'd like it to continue too. thanks, glad you liked it. vo

Name: DennSedai (Signed) · Date: 07/05/2014 12:14 pm · For: Part 4
Oh damn... more please, pretty please *passes over plate of guilt free goodies*

Author's Response: i'm trying to see if there's another part to this, not sure yet. but maybe. i do like this uni.

Name: cacaliadragon (Signed) · Date: 07/05/2014 01:00 am · For: Part 4

I loved this.  It was funny and angsty and pure Xander insanity.  It was interesting to see how everyone was dealing with getting James and Phil back and how they dealt with the Hydra agents and Wade.  I also loved the ending, it will be interesting to see how they deal with the mind jelly fish and how they deal with Spike's latest plan.




Author's Response: i think xander's hoping that the psychic jellyfish somehow adopt new people. it's not nice to confuse Mother Nature after all. I'm hoping there's another part too, but i'm glad you liked it.

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