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Artistic Furries.

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Story notes:
Kinks used: Wax, pet play, collaring, shower/bath location
Setting: Art Gallery/Studio

Genre: Fluff

Trope: Werewolves

Prompt: Washing (washing one's partner, body or hair; bubble baths; shower scenes

Kink: Toys and devices (feathers, ice cubes, hot wax, etc)

from random prompt generator: https://bleep0bleep.tumblr.com/promptsnsfw And I'll probably be using artist sentinel Xander and his Oz fussy guide.

Kinks used: Wax, pet play, collaring, shower/bath location.

Artistic Furries.

Xander looked up from his present painting, frowning at the guy standing there. He was Oz's second-in-command in his pack. "Hey, Bart. So anyway, the reason I called...."

"You left a five minute message, Xander. Did you get lost in a painting again?"

"Yeah, kinda. But I don't think this one's prophetic for this universe!" He beamed. "That concussion really did cross a few wires. Anyway, I was thinking about doing another photo shoot thing for the shows coming up. It's an erotic one with a fantasy theme. So I was going to ask you guys if you wanted to help?" He looked hopeful.

"Like fully changed?"

"Not sure. Mid change because I know some of you have that sort of control. Oz does thanks to all the work he did at the temple in Tibet and I know he's taught you guys that." Bert nodded at that. "But anyway I was thinking maybe a bathing one? Mildly suggestive but not *kinky*?"

"I...yeah, maybe. We do have two newly mated pairs who might really like that. It'd keep them from having sex on the fire escape again. Last time they got a huge ticket thanks to the neighbors getting tired of it." He shifted his weight, considering it. "Yeah, I could probably do that. I'm not the most pretty."

"If I wanted model pretty I'd go ask the pack in LA if they'd like the exposure since most of them want to be actors." Bert rolled his eyes but nodded. "Please? It's a lot of prize money this time and we could use it. I'd pay you guys out of any prize money or sales of pictures."

"Yeah, I can see that. Are you going to send those pictures to that realm?"

He beamed. "The convention system can do that."

"Oz told me, Xander. That's really weird." He walked off. "Let us know when you want us to come get wet and fantasy boy looking."

"This weekend?" he called after him.

"Yeah, I could like that. Not doing anything anyway." He went to tell the others. They loved Xander's art hobby. Xander had gotten lost in drawing on their walls one weekend so their place had custom artwork that was a bit weird in places, it had a few aliens eating people, but it was pretty and calming at the same time. Oz was the most chill pack leader ever so they appreciated this pack.

The other one in Cascade was full of jocks and they had all left there before they got turned into bitches. And well, Xander had kinda challenged that pack leader to a fight and won so he was slinking around the shadows to keep away from their pack before Xander took him out, took over that pack, and made all the jocks his bitches. Oz still complained that Xander had too much stamina.


It took an extra week to set up because Xander didn't realize his camera was broken but now it was fixed and they had a pleasing backdrop and soft lights set up in part of their pad. Xander had cleaned out his art drying corner and the area next to the bathroom, which were connected, to set up things. Thankfully this warehouse area had a nice clawfoot tub. A silver one because he had gotten tired of boring white and painted it one weekend. Oz hadn't minded, much, beyond the paint smell.

Though their house usually smelled like some kind of paint with how much Xander painted every day. To Xander's heightened senses, the warehouse area smelled like paint, coffee, two guys who didn't do laundry enough, and wax because Oz was redoing the wax on all his guitars this weekend. With some notes of chocolate because Xander had chocolate poptarts for breakfast.

When the pack came in, Xander waved them over. "Okay, guys. The theme for this show is erotic fantasy." He grinned. "We do have masks if you want to be shy. I was going with a bathing furries theme." He beamed at their nods. "So we have props. I know one of you guys needs to wax a spot by your ears for the stupid ear infection. If you brought that we can work that in." That one sighed but nodded. "You guys know I'll make you look good."

He pointed. "Masks and stuff. Someone start the tub? You don't have to fill it all the way. Some'll be standing, maybe one sitting, we'll figure it out. I've got to adjust the light as you guys move around to make sure it's not too direct or bright." He went to do that while the guys sighed and got to work to help Xander. Most of them looked at Oz, who shrugged but didn't look up. Most of the pack had years of dealing with Xander in their personal histories. They were used to odd and funky art things. Oz was very patient with his weird little boyfriend. And whatever they had outside that.

Xander came back, handing one a particular mask with a grin. "That'll look killer with your hair." He kissed him on the cheek. "If you stay with the same mask, it'll be apparent if you change slightly. I won't ask but if you want." He beamed, going to make more coffee.

"Check your camera again," Oz reminded him as he walked past him. Xander put on coffee and went to do that. He did find his lens cap still on and the trial picture saved nicely to his card then got deleted. The lighting looked good. Oz watched without having to stare. His pack was very nice to put up with Xander. And he made notes of which mask was on which pack member in case Xander forgot. Little things escaped Xander when he was in art mode. Big things too. Xander had nearly missed a demonic battle at his own college because he was busy taking photos for an assignment so he could get a *tiny* bit involved.

Xander took a test photo and moved the lights a tiny fraction back. Then tried it again. He moved back but didn't get it. "Oz, come adjust the lights please? You usually have the touch." Oz sighed but came over to do that. It only needed a tiny bit and a shade closed. That helped a ton. Oz went back to his wax job shaking his head. Sometimes he wondered but then he'd have to get into art too.

Xander grinned at the first two. "Okay, guys. Is the tub warm enough? I don't want you guys shivering or anything." They nodded. "Thanks! Kurt, are you comfy getting into the water while she stands above you, one foot on the side of the tub?" They did that and he came over to adjust her stance for her.

Then he moved back, nodding and took a few pictures. "Okay, now reach up, Kurt." He did that and Xander took another one then erased it. "Other hand?" It went up to stroke up her leg. That was better. He took that picture a few times to capture the movement. She knelt around his legs in the tub, smirking at him. They were ex's but friendly at least. Kurt was enjoying this. "Taffy, can you take off the t-shirt or are you nekkid?"

"I've got a corselet on, Xander." She did that and he grinned, taking that picture and one of her resting by leaning back as she tossed the shirt behind them. She played with her ex-boyfriend's mask, getting more pictures taken. She let some fur out and so did he with an evil looking smirk. He'd deal with the wet fur in a few minutes. A few more pictures taken. She got out and went to the freezer, coming back with a glass with ice cubes. She got back in and artistically poured them out of the glass into the water. Xander moaned but captured that too. Then one single cube was put on Kurt's head between his ears while she smirked at him and got out.

"Thanks, guys!" He grinned. "I washed towels, they're in the art drying area." He pointed. "That's usually warm and dry and the floor's treated against drips." They went to dry off over there. The ice cubes got scooped back into the glass and the next one moved into the tub, sitting on the edge. The water behind him glowed a bit in the lighting so that was pretty. He was already partially furred up and had his head tipped back as he used a dry towel on his dry fur.

"Doesn't look right, Brad. Can you just flick some water to make the fur lay down?" He did that and that was better. "Nice! Thanks!" He caught that and the ears flicking as he dried his throat and upper chest area. He was pretty well built. "Can you let a bit of water drip down please? Down your chest maybe?" He did that, shifting to sit in the tub and pouring a tiny bit of water down his chest, head tipped back again. Xander took pictures and grinned. "Thanks, Brad. You wanna do the wax thing now or later?"

"Might as well be now." He let his new mate come over to casually spread the wax around his ear area. Xander had moved some of the light a bit for her and was now taking pictures. But wasn't happy with the light so Oz came back over to adjust for him. "Too high," Brad quipped since it was glaringly bright. It was adjusted back and to the rear, giving it a shadowed area as she spread the thick coat of wax. Xander nodded when he had taken the last picture of that so she carefully pulled some up, slowly and carefully. Brad was wincing but she put one hand on the middle of his chest and kept pulling for Xander's pictures. "Ow," Brad complained. "That's mean, Tabitha."

She grinned. "You're the one that didn't clean your ears enough so you have to trim the ear fur." She got the last piece out and Xander hugged them both so they went to wait out of the way, have some coffee, talk to the newest guy in the pack. They were finally meeting his boyfriend. Though Oz didn't seem to care for him.

Xander looked over as the new guy came over with his boyfriend. "Hey, I'm Xander, Oz's boyfriend and artist in case you didn't see all the art." He grinned and shook his hand. "I did the huge artwork on the pack house's walls one week because I kinda got lost."

"I've seen that and it was interesting. The aliens especially."

Xander shrugged but grinned. "Slightly prophetic artwork, I'm kinda known for it in certain circles." He beamed. "Okay, so we're doing bathing stuff for a fantasy but erotic series. I don't plan on doing anything that would end up in Penthouse or anything." He looked at the new guy, who grinned. "Just kinda tasteful and kinda a *tiny* bit smutty. Of the teenage girls will see it and sigh and go 'yeah, I want that' at night." The boyfriend laughed but nodded. "You're not the only gay couple here either so that's not a huge thing." Two other gay couples waved their hands with a grin. "Yeah, them, or me and Oz."

"You're not a changer."

"No, I'm not." He grinned. "Oz and I actually went to the same high school in Cali. He used to date my best friend before I had something happen and he stepped in to help me figure things out." That got a nod. "Okay, how do you guys want to do things? We've got tub things. We can add bubbles if you want. We can do pretty much anything right now. So I'll kinda leave it up to you."

"I think we're going to do something a bit smuttier." He looked at his mate, pulling something out of his pocket. "Down," he ordered quietly. The boy fell to all fours. Stayed human doing it. The boyfriend furred up.

Xander blinked a few times. "Bit smuttier than I was thinking but okay. Sure." He set up the lights and nodded at the first picture. "On your knees please? That way we don't get an offer from Penthouse. They've been known to do that." He sighed. "Twice with some of my work. I refused but still." The one on all fours went to his knees and his 'master' smiled at him, petting through his hair. "Good!" Turn a bit to the left if you can? The light'll cast a nice, pretty shadow over his face so it's partially obscured. Actually, both of you do that."

He came to move them slightly, nodding when he checked through the camera. "Henrick, go ahead and shift a tiny bit more to the left." He did that, getting a nod. "Good! Great actually!" He snapped a few then Henrick, the boyfriend, pulled out something, making Xander moan at the collar. "Oh!" Everyone stared. Xander snapped it continuously as Henrick collared his boy, and the boy hugged him around the waist. "Oh, wow." He stared at him. "That's not going in the show but I'll give you copies. That's way too private for people to gawk at."

Oz walked over, staring at the boyfriend. "Well, that's news," he said dryly.

"We do usually hear about boyfriends before the official statements of partnership," his second Bart agreed.

Henrick smiled. "I'll treat him well, Alpha."

"Yes, you will." Oz stared at him, getting a slightly bowed head back. "Good." He helped the newly collared one up to stare at him. "I'll expect you to come to one of us to talk about things if you're having problems. Even if it's tiny whines." That got a nod and a grin. Oz nodded. "Good." He patted him on the cheek.

"Thankfully we're not a pack that has dominance issues." He went back to his guitar. The boy hugged his boyfriend, getting cuddled back. Xander snapped one last picture with a grin, winking at the boyfriend.

The last set of pictures had one of the younger male werewolves almost fully furred up and in the tub with a ton of bubbles around him. He was relaxed and smiling under his mask. That was pretty and Xander caught his playing with the bubbles and his neck fur, plus some scooped up and put into his hair by Tabitha. Then he went to print them out and make good sized copies for everything. Bradley came in to help him pick shots for submission and they worked on that while everyone else nibbled and sipped coffee.

Xander handed Henrick his set of pictures, getting a grin for it. "I do weddings sometimes too." He looked at the others, waving them over. "How about these, guys?" They stared at the pictures, nodding that they liked them. One got changed out by Bradley, but that one wanted that picture and left the other one. "Okay, official submissions this week."

He hugged each one. "Thanks, guys. I'll let you know if I get any offers for any of the pictures and give you a cut, of course. Like usual." They grinned, going back to the pack house. Henrick was apparently moving in. Xander looked at Oz once they were alone and he had sealed the envelope with the pictures. "Did you know he was a hunter?" he asked quietly.

"Yeah, I smelled the blood on him. General one, right?"

"Think so. Like that group we saw last month?"

"Cool." Oz nodded. "As long as he's good with the pack and doesn't cause us any problems. There's almost no peaceful demonic community up here in Cascade."

"I know. I'm missing kitten poker again." He handed the envelope to Oz, who went to put it into his backpack for work at the club he bartended in when he wasn't performing. He hoped Xander got something in the show. He'd be a happy boy and do his little dance stuff and quit painting prophetic demon battles again for a bit.

Though, those going to another realm made a lot of sense. He would wonder which one but the convention gave him a huge headache.


Xander was at the showing, smiling at the four of his nine that had gotten into the official show, and the rest were in a side room with the other submissions. He was sipping his water, ice cold so he wasn't overheating in this stuffy room. An art critic was staring at one of his pictures then looked at him. He grinned and waved. "Why did they dress up as werewolves?"

"Because." He shrugged and grinned. "It said fantasy."

"True. Not vampires?"

"No, I know a few and they're not anyone's fantasy unless you're into being bit repeatedly." He sipped his water. "Sometimes you need someone strong and protective I guess."

"Huh. Most men wouldn't think of that."

"My boyfriend doesn't mind if I do." He grinned.

"Oh. That makes more sense. You went closer to the female gaze than the male one." She walked on making notes. It was a bit juvenile of him but some artists were like that. Like the ones who did cartoons she guessed. She looked up who he was and was horrified. She had run into his work in the past and it was evocative but fairly darker most of the time. So apparently he was going for something mind clearing as well. She'd hear later that he had sold all nine photos and rolled her eyes. Probably to some woman who was desperate for an alpha fantasy.

Xander winked at the female pack leader who bought things, getting a grin back. "Thank you and I'm sure Oz will say the same thing."

"Oz? Up in Cascade?"

"Yes, I'm his Xander." He grinned.

"Oh!" She nodded. "That makes a lot of sense about why the pack did that for you."

"I'll pay them forty percent of the sales price too."

She patted him on the arm. "It's sweet, Xander." She went to tell her mate, who was pleased. Xander had made them look sweet and cute and hot instead of just snarly and violent. Too many thought werewolves were just for pouncing, not for playing with.

Xander went home to Oz, letting him handle handing out the money to the ones who had gotten paid tonight. He went to bed to sleep for once and maybe get Oz snuggles in the morning. He got a few hours before that urge to get up and paint hit, making him sigh and get some coffee to drink while he painted naked. Another prophetic one. For their realm even. Great! Just great!

Oz woke up and saw what he was working on and sighed. "Fuck! Is that a battle!"

"In downtown LA." He pointed. "That's that law firm that wanted me to do their lobby artwork but I refused because their contract was sketchy." They shared a look. Oz took a shower and went to hand money to his pack. "A female pack leader from Cali bought them," Xander called as Oz left. "She knew who you were."

"Great. I'll see if she's on the message boards." He shook his head all the way to the car. One stop at the bank, a stop for coffee, and there was the pack house. He walked in and smelled blood. "Shit. What the hell happened last night?" he demanded. He handed Bradley the money and stomped off to see. Henrick was guarding his boy in his room. Another pack member was in the back bleeding to death. Oz checked her then went to talk to him.

"What did our healer do?" he demanded. Henrick backed away from him. Oz was starting to fur up. "Someone get her some help." Bradley called that in and Jim showed up with Blair before even the ambulance. Blair went to help her, Jim came over to question what was going on. Turns out the boy had only seen it, his boyfriend was protecting him. The one who had done it was with that other pack and no one had said anything. So Oz would go ...talk to them in a bit. With Xander's help of course. Xander could use the exercise.

Henrick stared at Oz. "Why did you suspect me?"

"You're the only unknown or new one in the pack." He stared at him. "I've known most of them for over a year. Your boyfriend over eight months." Henrick nodded at that. "I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions but you were looking very hostile when I came in."

"True, I was guarding my mate." He looked in there then at Oz. "He had a panic attack."

"Then you should be wrapped around him and someone should've called," Jim said. "Oz would handle this quickly."

Oz nodded. "Yes I would." He looked at Jim then at Henrick. "I'm taking Xander later."

"What can he do?"

Oz smiled. "We grew up in Sunnydale." Henrick flinched back, shaking his head. "Yeah, we're that Xander and Oz." He let out a grim smile. "Retired usually but if it happens around us, we fix it. If he's not doing art. Jim, he's painting a battle in downtown LA."

"Great! Just what they need!" the sentinel complained. "Why?"

"Focused on that same law firm."

Blair cleared his throat. "The Harry Potter sounding one?" Oz nodded. "We heard they were bad news."

"Soul contracts," Oz told them.

"Yeah, they're demons," Henrick said. "My dad's a watcher."

"We weren't sure if you were one of the roaming sorts or not," Jim admitted. "We're mentors over those two's special other things."

"I noticed Xander sniffed things. A lot."

Oz grinned and nodded. "He's good at it too. Makes a great drug dog." He looked at Jim. "I'll give them the option of an assault charge."

"Yes you will. If you have a full alpha fight, we don't want to clean up the mess."

Oz shrugged but smirked at him. "Has to happen." He looked at Bart, who looked upset. Then at Henrick. "Wanna join us?"

"I... Yeah, I wouldn't mind." He got his jacket and followed Oz to the cars so they could go ...talk to that other pack. They had been taken over apparently. Xander showed up before they got there, he was kicking around the new alpha very badly.

Oz walked over. "Mate."

"Guide." He looked at him then kicked the guy again. "Brought me out of painting by threatening the answering machine." He smirked at him. "You sure you wanna do that again?"

Oz pulled him off. "Your choice is to be hunted or to turn yourself in for assault and battery. The local PD will gladly take you in to protect you from us. Talk to Ellison." The wolf got up and Oz changed suddenly, lunging at him to rip his throat out. Xander had his crossbow in hand. Henrick changed to back up his alpha. Another wolf came closer and Xander shot him in the thigh, making him curse and fall over. The alpha fight wasn't going in Oz's favor but then Xander threw a dagger and hit the guy in the eye. That killed him and he fell down. Oz stared at him.

"Tabby was pregs." He grinned at the others. "And a true healer." They groaned. "Yeah. You done fucked up with us. I'd move. Today." They ran off. "Great! I get to hunt! I should be painting the next battle in LA today apparently but I can make sure you pack everything." He followed, swearing at them.

They had one kid in that pack, his mother had been one before she had run off. Oz took the kid in and gave him to Henrick for now. That worked and they were not doing it again. That pack moved to Seattle to hide there from the highest pack in the state. Who Xander called to chat with as they packed anyway. That got Tabitha some healing and Henrick saw why they were such a good couple. Yes, he had strong alphas to stand behind now. For good it appeared.

The End.
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