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The Convention of Xanders 2: A New Xander Is Born.

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Story notes:
Merry Christmas, my list sibs. Have a safe and joyous one.
The Convention of Xanders 2: A New Xander Is Born.

It was the annual gathering of the Xanders. They were nicely locked on their realm, safely teaching each other new things, and sometimes talking about sex while petting the wings of the two of them that had *very* sensual feathers. So it was normal that a few of them looked up and noticed something going on. "That's not ours," Miami GHS Xander said quietly, looking around for others who had noticed. The other two GHS nodded they agreed.

Godly Xander sat up from where he had his head in his husband's lap, sensing around. "That's... fuck!" He got up. "Be right back." He disappeared, staring at the young witch. "What the hell are you doing!" he demanded.

"Xander," she said, eyes wide and a bit teary. "We missed you."

"You're so cranked. What are you doing?"

"We missed you!"

Xander stared at her then at the child that had just been delivered. Which was a clone of him. Not this him but him. He looked at the young witch again. "Why did you do this?" he asked. He felt around. "I've never been on this realm in any version so you couldn't have missed me that hard."

"Are you an angel?"

He let out his Godly radiance, making her moan and reach for him. He patted her on the head and looked at the baby. It was definitely a baby him but someone had also done some...tampering. Flashes of light appeared and he glared at the two Devon Coven members standing there. "What did you have her do?" he asked.

"You're...." one said, staring at him. "Not an angel."

"No, I'm a God from another realm. The son of Loki actually," he said dryly. Having invoked his father's name, the one on that realm showed up, blinking at him. "Loki."

He frowned, running a hand over that younger God's hair then groaned. "How did you do that?"

Xander grinned. "Not that hard when I'm fucked with. As these witches apparently have." He pointed at them. "They apparently cloned the me. They've also magically tampered some."

Loki looked at the child then blessed it in his name. "That way someone reaps the rewards of the chaos energy. Ladies." He smirked. The witches tried to attack but he and Xander protected them.

Some of the magic did leak onto the baby but he took the baby with him. Loki could deal with the witches. He landed back on the convention realm with the squealing thing. He grinned. "I'm glad you're happy, baby Us."

"Awww!" a bunch of the Xander's said. They crowded around the baby to fuss over him.

Miami GHS Xander smiled and wiggled his fingers. "Where did you come from?"

"Devon coven members," Godly Xander quipped. "They had a young witch give birth to him."

"I see he's blessed," Phil Coulson, Godly Xander's mate and God of Heros, noted quietly.

"That Loki did. That way all the chaos got sucked up." He let Phil hold the baby. Phil had a few kids so that was okay. He knew what he was doing. Including how to manifest clean diapers and wipes, plus how to make bottles so they could feed the poor little guy.

Writer Xander plopped down and took the baby to feed. His husband was shaking his head. "So how do we handle this? We can't keep him up here for eighteen years. He'll end up a bit weird and think everyone in the world looks like him."

Godly Xander nodded. "I hadn't thought about that." He and Phil shared a look then shrugged. "I don't know yet. I just know I didn't want him there with the witches. Who knows what they would've done."

Phil nodded. "I agree. That's a bad idea in the making." He looked at the gathered Xanders and their families. They all shrugged back but the few kids they had were coming over to coo and play with the baby. They could always use more Xander babies.


Back in the maternity room, Loki had knocked the witches down and then left with a Cheshire smirk. The witches were huffy and going to deal with all that nonsense that had happened. The young witch was crying. The older witches were conspiring. They let the nurse in to check over their young member.

The young witch looked at the nurse. "We just wanted Xander," she sobbed, hugging her. "They were mean about it. We need a strong Xander to help the world be saved."

The nurse patted her on the shoulder. "I'm sure he'll be fine. Whoever that guy was, he looked protective. Was he the father?"

"Original donor." She sniffled. "He didn't think we needed one of him too but I know we do. The world will be without someone to save them." She looked at the nurse. "You're a wish demon." It was obvious, she was in demon-guise.

"I am, Princess." She smiled a tiny bit. "I can make sure he's a strong Xander."

"We'll need him back. He's important to saving the world."

"I'm sure you'll get him back."

The witch put a hand on her arm. "Can you make sure he's strong enough to do that? I know there's other Xanders. That one said he was the son of Loki, who was the guy that bothered the elder witches."

"I can make sure he's as strong as the strongest Xanders in any realm." She patted her on the hand. "Say the words, dear."

"I wish our Xander would be as strong as the strongest Xanders in any realms so he can help us save humanity when he's older."

"Wish granted." She winked and strolled out happier. The higher ups were very happy with that idea. Now, which Xander was the strongest? It was a debatable point. There were ones that were strong of will, strong of magic, strong of fighting skills. There were Xanders that were so stubborn that nothing would ever really kill them, except maybe someone in bed or a car wreck - but definitely not a fight or a battle. So which was the strongest?

Strong of will? Definitely a need for what they wanted the boy to do. Which wouldn't please the higher ups but it'd be needed to fight the upcoming battles.

Strong of magic? A Xander with magic was just wrong to the higher ups. But.... some magic might help and one of them had some of the strongest will ever. The one teaching demonology had lasted longer than anyone had thought possible.

Which Xander was the strongest? Maybe the one that had bent whole realms or worlds to his will? The ones who had fought for their worlds and walked away to heal while people screamed about it? She ran past the options of other Xanders lives. Not godly, that was a given. That service in Africa.... that may be helpful. Or at least the facsimile of it. But the Xander would have to be able to blend in with the regular guys he'd be protecting....

Yeah, she could do that.

She cast the wish at the baby Xander. Even that nicely sealed realm wouldn't stop the wish. It'd be so cool when he came back.


Godly Xander stared at the baby. "Someone just cast a wish."

"Loki's not stopping it," Phil said, starting to frown. He read it and snorted. "It was to craft what sort of Xander he'd be." He shared it with his mate over their bond. Xander started to laugh and shake his head.

"Make him a cross between me and President Xander," Writer Xander said quietly. "That way he's not affected by the wish."

"They wanted him to have a tiny touch of magic," Phil said.

"So it's basically the twins, and the GHS us's." Godly Xander smirked at those three. They grinned and waved back then cast a curse at the wish demon together. They made one hell of a coven. Godly Xander boosted it with Lavelle and Curse Breaker Xander Dumass.

Writer Xander smiled at the baby. "It'll be okay. You'll be mostly normal." He winked and told him about his newest book he was working on. He'd like that. It had funny characters who did weird, funny things.

President Xander came over with his husband to help him talk to the baby. It'd only make him a happy baby Xander and a smarter one than most of them were.


Late that night, the original GHS Xander sighed as he watched the baby. "You're going to have a sucky life. There's no one in that realm to raise you," he said quietly, picking him up to cuddle him. "We'll have to help somehow. Oz will mind if I let you sleep with the puppies and kittens, or the ferrets. Methos and Ray will make fun of me for it. They can be mean that way," he told the baby.

Miami GHS Xander shifted over to cuddle them both. "He'll be okay. We can pick a good family to make him part of," he said quietly. He kissed the baby on the head. "Or we'll do something weird. We're immortal. We can ask Godly Xander to put us out of time for a few years to raise him ourselves. I've been thinking about adopting but Wade would kill me. Or them."

The original GHS Xander grinned. "I need an assistant like Wade. Oz isn't really scary." They cuddled with the baby between them. The three GHS thems were the best choice to raise the baby out of time. They were all immortal. It's not like they'd age doing it. They could all teach the baby a lot. Including how to protect himself and other useful skills like cooking. They looked over at Godly Xander but he was asleep. Lavelle was up and grinned, nodding with their ideas. So he could probably help them. He wasn't quite immortal but nearly so since Hell didn't want him back too soon. If only Time Lord Xander had been able to show up....


Godly Xander and his Phil cast the out-of-time spell for the ones going. They had blessed the young Xander to know more than what those ones could teach them. Writer Xander had volunteered, so had the twins. Though, they had to include some magic gift and that left Lavelle, who was worried he'd taint the baby, Xander Dumass, who was scared of kids, or the GHS ones. They hoped they hadn't activated that curse but you never knew until after puberty.

The small portal opened and they stepped through. They'd come back in a few hours, yet sixteen years later. That'd give them time to get that Xander up to being able to protect himself before they let him go. The other ones settled in to figure out what else they could teach the baby Xander of the group. The ones that Willow had deaged knew how disorienting it was to regrow up with memories so they had a lot to add to that discussion.


The portal opened and they all smiled at the returning Xanders, especially the young one. He bounded over to hug most everyone.

Yup, he was GHS.

They all settled in to talk to him, make sure he knew all that he needed to know. Writer Xander taught him how to write. Which he took to easily. President Xander and Lavelle worked on his fighting skills with the twins, who also taught him how to work on weapons and a bit about forensics with the other CSI Xanders. And one of the twins taught him profiling. Dumass helped him learn magic, then decided they had to do the Bane's special memory spell. So he was good. By the time they cut the out-of-time vacation conference, that Xander was eighteen, almost nineteen, and able to handle himself. The three GHS Xanders and Lavelle had all donated to his 'getting started' fund. The poor guy would need a few things set up to keep him safe. Those four always had stuff to spare thanks to their lives.

While he was a level ten GHS, he wasn't as bad as those three. He'd still need safety stuff. He'd need a decent apartment set up. He'd need some weapons set up. He'd need a nice bedroom to bring people home to so he'd never get as backed up as the others were. President Xander and his husband followed the 'triplets' of GHS to find said apartment. The 'triplets' were going to buy it for him while Ezra helped set up the security needs with the CSI twins. They even nicely found the goblins on that realm to talk to them for the young one by going to Gryphon-born Xander's realm to talk to theirs. He had the flu so he couldn't attend this year. He was more than happy to help and look up more protections to put on his apartment. That Xander also got to tease his 'son' Draco about GHS wizards, which made him nearly beg for mercy at the very idea.

The goblins in that new realm knew about GHS and were more than happy to help for a small fee. Miami GHS Xander had more than enough stuff the goblins stared at in awe so that was settled. Especially when they found some goblin treasures that had been stolen by some elves once upon a time among his treasures. That alone was enough to get ten percent knocked off the yearly fees. With the gem stores all three GHS had, it was enough to knock fifteen percent off all the fees until that Xander died. Plus it'd mean they could reduce their tax debt for a year. All the GHS Xander needed to reduce their taxes. Their money guy Steve was upset again.

The GHS sat down with the non-twin Xanders and the head of their Army of Der. They had debated making a Wade Der maybe, or maybe a Jensen and Cougar Der, or maybe a whole team of Losers Der, but if he ran into them they'd freak out at their miniature selves. Commandos and strange stuff didn't usually get along very well. Especially not Wade and Clay. The 'evil' Xander of that pair made sure Xander had a wand he could use, with Dumass' help. The Army of Der painted on all the protections and decorated the new apartment with the original GHS Xander. The other two just bought comfy stuff and color matched.

Original GHS Xander was more about decorating. He even shared a few of his naughty tapestries for the writing room. By the time it was set up, Xander had a fantastic apartment. He had an overseeing goblin for his accounts, letting it make interest until he started to make money. He had need of a bodyguard but he'd find one of them or a boyfriend like the original writer Xander had. They called the convention to a close with a great leaving feast cooked by all four GHS members, with help from the Ders. They settled the new one into his place. Lavelle added a few anime dvd's and manga books for some entertainment. Dumass added some porn that his Draco-snuggly wanted him to get rid of anyway. The 'triplets' of GHS went with the new one to get groceries so he'd have a well stocked pantry and house, plus chest freezer. Writer Xander set up a new laptop for him to use since he seemed to like to write. Somehow, his muses had been passed over so that was even nicer. Peter would like that a lot. By the time they left him for his first night alone, he had everything he could need for at least a year.

They'd check on him before the next Xander convention.


Godly Xander showed up to that other Loki again, smirking some. "Leave him be," he said quietly.

"He doesn't need me to intervene," he said dryly. "He'll leak plenty of energy my way just by existing."

"It was mean making sure he'd be GHS."

"Better that than another wizard. He'd have to be much more circumspect. This way, if he breaks out in magic sometime he can explain it as a gift from a suitor." He smiled. "He'll be fine and the witches will try to get him on their side but I doubt it'll work."

"He does know how he came to be but like all Xanders, we're always there to save people. Not like I got my job as Protector of Humanity for no reason, even as your son."

"That is a bit weird but I can encourage him to do that."

"He has to lay low to be protected."

"Fine. We can make sure he's protected because even then, the chaos potential is immense." He smiled a tiny bit. "But you knew that."

"I was raised by you," Xander said dryly. "Of course I did. Just remember what I did to mine. And he was my dad." He smirked meanly as he disappeared.

That Loki set up a viewing portal to look over there. That Loki...he felt a tiny bit sorry for him being married to Ares but he did have immense power if he was subtle about it. It gave him much to think about. That Xander was not as subtle as his father was, but this Loki was better than that one any day. Plus there was no Ares there to counter his plans by using them for his own gains.

Yes, this would go just fine. That new Xander would be spectacular and it wouldn't bother Loki's plans at all.

The End.
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