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Here A Xander, There A Xander, Everywhere A Xander FRT
Chaos GHS Xander has had too many bad times so he goes to talk to the convention...

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Old Ones 58: All The Old Ones Screaming 'Oh Shit!' FRM
Takes place during part 57. While Dawn's down, others are handling things...

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Empire of GHS by Voracity2
[ - ]
Summary: The last few stories in the Empire of GHS series.
Categories: Buffy Stories & Crossovers > Other Movie, Buffy Stories & Crossovers > Losers
Characters: None
Parent Series: None
Stories: 2
Series Type: Closed

Title: GHS Empire: The End of the Tour. by Voracity2
Rated: FRC [Reviews - 4]
Summary: Finally, this one has finished this series (I think). The finish of the world tour, and some new things Xander's been hiding from Wade and everyone.
Category: Buffy Stories & Crossovers > Other TV, Buffy Stories & Crossovers > Losers, Buffy Stories & Crossovers > SG1/SGA/SGU
Characters: None
Series: Empire of GHS
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 21179 | Read count: 12891

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Published: 03/17/2017 | Updated: 03/17/2017

Title: Some Assistance Needed. by Voracity2
Rated: FRAO [Reviews - 0]
Summary: Anya's sick. Wade discovers that feeling he keeps ignoring is love. So Wade makes it special for her while Xander is breaking a new immie student and a new assistant.
Category: Buffy Stories & Crossovers > Other Movie
Characters: None
Series: Year of Kink, Empire of GHS
Chapters: 5 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 73703 | Read count: 534

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Published: 12/23/2021 | Updated: 12/23/2021