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A Lewis and a Half

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A Lewis and a Half.

Darcy looked around the mess from the latest assault on the tower, hands on her hips. "Jane, we gotta redo all this." Jane was fussing at her machines. "Jane, we have to redo all this," she said more loudly.

Jane looked up at her. "The machines...." Darcy held up a hand then pointed at the mess. "Oh, that. That's mostly your desk."

"And your data backup." Jane winced. "So...."

"Draw up plans? I'll talk to the boss?" Jane guessed.

"Yeah, I can do that." She cleaned up what had been on her desk having to remake folders to hold them since the idiots had ripped them apart. Thankfully raw data wasn't what they were after this time, they were after things on Thor. "Should've just went to a tabloid," Darcy muttered as she worked. Then she jotted down her notes for the upgrades they needed for safety reasons.

Three hours later, Darcy tapped on Tony's office door, making him look up from his reports on the damages done. "I know it's a bad time but we need to upgrade most labs to a better security standard and ours especially. I'm used to having Jane's backups in a better, safer area."

He grimaced, putting down his pen. "Just a safe for a backup drive?"

She snorted, shaking her head. "No, Stark." She came in. "You've always had security around to protect you and your geeks, mostly because you worked with the government sorts that like to steal stuff. They were waiting to steal it legitimately by watching over your shoulder." She put the papers down.

"This is how we're used to doing Jane's. She has a work safe. For the notebooks, the data, all that. It's opened first in the morning and closed when I leave the lab. Jane kept forgetting," she said dryly. "Ours even had a mail slot so she could slip late night notes into it before she forgot them.

"Though it did get stolen from once." She grinned. "We have a safe to hold the backup drive, and I would suggest a floor wide one for everyone's data backups since most labs don't." He winced. "Just a safe with a cubby for each lab's weekly data backups. Their last thing before they leave Friday afternoon. Each lab has their own code to get into it so you can track who gets in there.

"Ours in New Mexico used to have that so Erik could have his stuff and Jane could have hers." She flipped the pages. "Also, we need an area just for the machines to work. That way we don't have another fire?" she prompted at his opening mouth. "Maybe just a testing lab where those who're doing things can do that?"

"The company in Malibu has a lot of that but I didn't think about needing it out here. That's going to take some work."

"Just putting in a few safes? Possibly." She pulled up the page on her phone. "This is what I was thinking about for the daily work vault. It'd be practical but a bit small for Jane's copious napkins with writing. I've got to make sure she has a notepad with her all the time anymore." She blinked at him. "That would mean no more data left on my desk, or in a simple locked drawer, which got broken into this time."

He looked it over, nodding. "That's not a bad idea, Lewis. The other labs would probably hate it."

She nodded. "We can ask. Let me go get a few." She walked off, grabbing a few lab geeks and Bruce. "Having a meeting over some security stuff," she said at the complaining. She put them into the office. "Guys, they went after some of Jane's data hoping for stuff on Thor," she said. "Jane gave me an odd look for my suggestion they just go look in a tabloid.

"We've got to talk about daily work vaults, data backups, with a safe to store them in, and things like security protocols." Bruce and most of them nodded. One pouted. "No, not that much different for you. Can you store your daily data and stuff you work on daily in a safe if it was presented?" That one nodded, smiling. "I know yours would have to have room for chemicals and written stuff. Bruce?"

"Yeah, that'd work for me." He looked at the plans Tony held up. "That's not a bad idea. A work vault to store the daily things. A backup vault?"

"For the weekly data backups. That way no one loses any," she said then smiled at one, who moaned. "We can do one in each lab and one for the floor with individual codes so you can stick a harddrive in there."

"I'd rather have one in our lab," the moaning one said. "That way no one else can get into ours."

Tony nodded. "That's something to consider. I can see a data backup for a hard drive safe. It'd have to be fireproof to a high degree, the same as the daily work vault." He looked at Darcy. "She did?"

"Yeah, it was inside the stove since they never used it." She shrugged but grinned. "I upped it from a simple file box to a real safe under Jane's bed. Which SHIELD did not find when they came in to raid us."

"I'd love that idea," the chemist agreed, looking at Tony. "It'd give me a safe place to put things away from my minions, who shouldn't be able to get into my higher end research since they're working on lesser things."

"Please make it able to withstand plasma," Darcy added. "Because now and then that's been an issue with Jane making a portal."

The chemist nodded quickly. "We've all seen the lab explosions, boss."

"Okay, we can look into getting work vaults and a data backup safe." He looked at Lewis. "Are you better with that?"

"Yup. Not like I don't hide a backup of Jane's data already. Have since before she left to temporarily be a Thor."

Tony nodded. "That's a practical thing we need to go over. I can't see everyone using one."

"Only stupid scientists don't do some paranoid backing up," Bruce said. "We all know someone's out to get our stuff, Tony."

"True. I can see that, it's not a bad idea. Lewis also suggested a spot to do dedicated testing. So Jane isn't opening a portal that brings tentacles again." They all nodded quickly, mostly because that had been creepy. "Where would we do that?"

"Build a half-floor above the parking garage? That way if it collapses the building it only hurts cars?" Darcy suggested with a grin. "Because high energy portals tend to make the walls vibrate recently." Tony winced but nodded quickly. "I've forbidden any real testing until she can fix that problem by the way. Because at one point the wall vibrated so much it became invisible. Do apologize to Bert for us?" She grinned.

Bruce nodded. "I heard that. He was very freaked out."

"Which is what I told Jane so she's not doing it now."

Tony nodded more quickly. "We need to build a testing area, yup." He looked at the notes. "What's that other cabinet, Lewis?"

"Food center for lunches you bring in, coffee maker, toaster for Jane's poptarts, all that stuff. Not lab samples," she told the chemist. "Before you have to send another person to the infirmary for accidentally pouring her soup into an experiment."

"That was nasty. We need to keep samples out of our lab fridge." She pouted. "We could use a second mini-fridge, Stark."

"We do have a floor-wide one," he offered.

"Which has food thieves," Darcy said, staring at Bruce, who ducked his head. She looked at Tony again. "It could also use upped for those of us who don't bring lunch. Security gets growly when we order lunch or dinner because someone might've tampered with it. And they really hate Jane's garlic soup because the guy who insists on tasting it just in case hates garlic."

Tony grimaced. "That's sad." He leaned back. "Yeah, we can look at that in a month or so. Let's get safety things done first. Before we're invaded again. I'll get with someone to put in safes."

"With an EMP blocker please," the chemist said. "I had an ex that did that to my data once because I got an internship he wanted."

"With EMP protection or even from high energy applications since Jane's doing that sort of thing." He looked at Lewis. "You have good ideas."

"I'm an Order Bringer, Stark." She grinned. "I sort, collate, and make things have an order that I can use and very few others can. I've been reordering Jane's life since the second day of my internship with her."

Tony nodded. "I can see that." He smirked. "That's a good set of ideas. I'll get someone in hopefully by the end of the week." They nodded and went back to their labs. He looked at Darcy again. "Coffee center?"

"If it's nearby, she'll drink it, Stark. Or eat it. She missed dinner again last night and most of yesterday. I'm about to put her into the infirmary for a check."

"Go for it. If she's sick, Thor will have fits even though they're not dating anymore thanks to that curse."

"Yeah," she sighed. "Let me go nag my Jane." She went to do that with her notes. "Jane," she said, waking her up. "Jane, when did you eat last?"

"I don't know."

"Well, let's go eat and then you can nap in a real bed. Let me do the shut down stuff." She gathered everything together to lock up, jamming the drawer so no one could get into it. Then Jane got walked up to the kitchen to be fed and put to bed. That gave Darcy time to relax and plan what was needed for Jane's lab the next time things broke. "Definitely need to order more duct tape," she muttered, putting that on her list. "And glue."


Darcy looked over her options for Jane's health and the lab. She decided to be a bit mean and called up information her brother had sent her. She printed it, putting it in front of Jane's work station. Jane grunted but eventually looked at it, frowning. Darcy timed it. It took nearly an hour for the first confused grunt to happen. Almost a record.

"Darcy?" Jane asked.

"Xander sent that for you." She grinned at her.

Jane frowned at the information. "That's how the portal making demons do it. Right?"


"This thing about runes?"

"Think of it like a GPS address."

"Um...." She frowned, looking up what the runes meant usually. She could only find one and it was from an ancient tomb in Mesopotamia. And possibly one in Central America, the rune had been dissolved by rain so it was only partially readable; the researchers said they couldn't be certain. She took the notes to talk to Thor, dragging Bruce with her.

She handed Thor the papers before stepping back to a safe distance. The stupid curse would make him break out in a fight if she was too close. "From Xander. How portal making demons do that. Can you read those?"

Bruce took it to look at, frowning at them. "Why do they use these?"

"Darcy said it's like a GPS address." They both stared at Thor, who shrugged. "Can we talk to someone who would know?"

"I'll see if Heimdall is bored," he offered. "I think he just guards though. The Bifrost was created by others, ancient others. I have no idea who would know how it was done." He went to talk to Heimdall outside. Heimdall did not know either but he did find a book to give to them so Jane could possibly use it. Better that than another portal into the ether realms with those tentacle friends. Thor brought in the book. "From Heimdall's hand. He said the diary is from one who studied their ways. Nothing is known about them really."

Jane took it to look through. "It's in Norse isn't it?"

"Aye," Thor agreed with a nod. He looked at Bruce, who was mostly there to protect him and Jane from each other due to that curse the witch had put on him. "I have no idea if it can be studied. It can probably be translated as I don't sense anything clouding it."

"I'll have Darcy ask her brother to translate it?"

"He may enjoy doing that instead of battling. I've heard he's healing after another battle."

"I'll have her write him. Thank you, Thor."

"I wish you every luck rebuilding the bridge and perhaps finding lost information." She smiled, going back to talk to her lab assistant.

Bruce shook his head. "Jane's a happy girl."

"Heimdall wished her well as well, as long as he didn't have to see more tentacle friends."

Bruce walked off snickering and nodding. "I don't want to see them either. They might like the Other Guy."

Jane walked into the lab, waving the book. "It needs translated. Is your brother super busy?"

"Complaining about sprained knees and stitches again. Trying to avoid hearing anything from the slayer squad of bitches." She took the book to look at then took a picture to send to her little brother. Xander sent back a translation. She frowned. "He said that's on sexual sacrifices for power." She sent that Jane had a whole book, supposedly about the portal stuff, she needed translated. He said he'd be there tonight. "He'll show up tonight." She sent back a 'you can have my couch of course' and blew him a virtual kiss before putting her phone back into her bra strap. "Tonight, Janey."

"Thank you." She sat down to go over the journal, looking for diagrams she could interpret first. She found one that looked like hers for the portal that had gotten her the tentacle friends. "Huh. I was duplicating with that one portal."

"I'm sure they were just as amused with the flirty tentacles. Eat something?"

"Yeah, I can do that." She got a granola bar to nibble while skimming it.

Darcy shook her head. Jane's diet needed a lot of help. Darcy wasn't sure she was strong enough to handle that some days.


Xander took the journal to look at, frowning at the front page. "He wasn't doing the same thing you are, Jane. He was looking to open a permanent portal to another realm." He looked up. "It might still translate somewhat though?"

"It may," she agreed. "Can you translate it anyway? Thor said that no one up there has."

"Of course. It's not that hard. It's Watcher Latin with Norse leanings. I can probably get it at least eighty percent." She beamed and nodded, leaving him with his sister. Who handed a notebook. Xander looked at her. "I can already tell you he didn't manage it and his drawing skills are shitty. His figures I've spotted are sloppy in here."

"Jane said one's a lot like the tentacle one she created by accident."

"Probably why." He settled in to eat, talking to his sister, and translate. It was a nice, quiet, peaceful task. "Hmm, he's really cranked. He talked sixteen virginal teenage girls with magic into sacrificing their magic and virginity to power his portal. The portal backlashing apparently killed most of them."

He frowned. "Wow, this guy is Rosenburg light." He went back to translating it. He had a thought and called a poker buddy. "It's Xander. Do we have anything that might help Jane Foster and her portal problem? She's still trying to create one that doesn't go to the ethereal plane and some tentacle friends."

"Who flirted," Darcy said loudly enough to be heard. "One sulked because I said he couldn't touch my boobs."

"That's my sister," he said with a grin for her. "Yup, that was Dr. Foster, the one my sister works for. Yes, her. I know she was Thor. He's back now. He got her a journal from someone creating an alternate realm portal so I'm translating. Yup, that sounds like him." He wrote a note at the top of the notebook then circled it. "I'll be sure to let her know. Thanks, man. No, I'll do this while my knee heals. I might catch a few local games though. Thank you, Homer." He hung up. "He'll talk to a few friends who work in a library to see."

"She'd enjoy that."

He grinned. "There's portal makers within the DPP but I'm not sure if it's the same as her bridge."

"It could probably be warped somehow."

"I'll see if one will talk to her." She nodded. He went back to translating. "This guy, so very warped," he muttered as he wrote. "Damn. He picked girls he didn't like the race of. Charming!"

"Some people are assholes," she reminded him, patting him on the hand. "Need an ice pack?"

"I'm okay. I twisted it a few days ago. No more swelling." He grinned at her. She hugged him, getting up to make a snack. Xander looked like he hadn't eaten for a bit again.


A few days later, Xander called a meeting. Complete with a sorcerer, a Stark, and a genius. He walked in with three books, five notebooks, and a few printed pages. "Okay, first, Jane, that journal?" She smiled at him. "The guy was a racist asshole who sacrificed virgins to make his portal so he could go screw elves. Of the Tolkien, pointy eared variety." She winced.

"Like sacrificed sixteen of them." He slid the journal down with the notebook he had translated it into. He sat down, looking at Sorcerer Strange. "Second, the thing you fought last week?" He grinned, sliding down the printed pages. "It came from there, and that's where the portal is still sitting, still mostly open, only needs a sneeze to reopen. Happy birthday!" He beamed at him.

Strange looked that over. "Oh, them. I've fought something since them but they were...disturbing."

"And alien. The goo globes are alien." Strange groaned. "Thor's probably heard of them but they run on a very different cultural definition dictionary. Though they do agree that you can end them if they disturb your own cultural dictionary. Especially since they think no is a giggling girl playing hard to get. Try not to give them to Buffy? Since they called on the power of Rosenburg to open?"

Strange slumped, shaking his head. He looked at Stark and Jane again. "Third." He grinned, handing one of the books to Stark. "The DPP's contact and rule book. They're the dimensional demonic police. They work on a few realms, and only come to this one to hunt beings down. They're presently looking for three beings, all of which are now hostage to HYDRA."

He handed over the sheets he printed off with a grin. "Happy birthday to you too!" He grinned at Jane. "They make dimensional portals." She nodded. "This is how they do that." He slid a book down. "It is in magic." She nodded. "I can't translate that. I'm not allowed even if I could."

"I can fully understand that. Am I allowed to study it?"

"Yes, they think you can make it more efficient and maybe find a better power source than their crystals because they're ancient and the realm they got them from is now closed permanently thanks to an apocalypse. If you could, they'd sing your praises and nominate you for some prizes sort of stuff."

"I can look at that. Will it help with the bridge?"

"They said your bridge is theoretical because it's a crackhead idea." She frowned. "Because if you got it to work, they'd have to shut it down as a threat to the universe. Because even if you could set one single lane of traffic to a specific location, it'd probably lead them here to destroy humans for daring to come near their magnificence. We're like amusing kids to most of the universe apparently."

"I've heard that."

"And the ones who have the tech to travel here the old fashioned way would slap you, and everyone else on the planet, down if you get it to work. They compared it to a child finding a laser cannon."

She slumped. "So they'll stop me?"

"If they see you get it done or hear you got it done? Yup. Not the ones where we met Groot and his people. They're annoying though. They're still considering humanity amusing children but we're precocious and need a nanny. They've tried to suggest we get one more than once. His people," he said with a point at Strange. "Were supposed to be doing some of that because they didn't think we'd get science to work that well and they saw a few people doing magic."

"So they think we're all Rosenburg and we need a good coven," Stark said with a nod.

Xander grinned and nodded. "But if we do manage something spectacular, like a better star drive or things to get us out into real space, they'll pat us on the head and give us someone to watch over us and tutor us in how to deal with everyone else since they'd all consider us playing dress up."

"How long before we're not seen that way?" Jane asked.

"Way after we get that nanny sort. They'd have to announce us basically, like a debutante ball."


"But." He held up a hand with a grin. "If you get a portal to work that way they'll just groan. If you create something like the Stargate tv show? They'll groan louder." He gave her a pointed look. "And that is how the Bifrost was built, Jane. With two terminus endings to channel the powers."

"So instead of a suspension bridge, we need a Chunnel," Stark said, looking at Jane. Who nodded.

"Without the digging," Xander agreed. He made a figure on the back of a page with a pen. "Two ends that're the entrance/exit, and then build the bridge between. There's a way to do a multi-exit with extra supports but doing that would probably draw a lot of problems," he told Jane, who smiled and nodded, taking it to look at. "Now, the portals to start it? Have you noticed the Bifrost creates a sigil?" She nodded slowly. "That's the hard outline of the portal. The entrance or exit portal. The sigil comes out of the ground to meet the bridge. The bridge doesn't land and create it. It's not burned on from the end energy of the bridge. So it's like the two ends reach out to shake hands and you pass through during that hand shake."

"So the way I've been building, it's backwards," she realized. Xander nodded. "Oh. Oh!" She sat up straighter. "That's an interesting thing. Which is why the runes matter!" He grinned and nodded. "Thank you, Xander."

"Welcome. With one warning. This is high energy. Even dabbling in it has killed a few dozen people. Who were stronger than our sorcerous nanny there." He head nodded at Strange. "And it can cause problems within your body as well. It's like a nuke went off next to you, Jane. And it will infect the baby."

"The baby?" Stark demanded, looking at her.

"When the witch had her attacked after putting on the curse, the healer moved the baby into a static out-of-space-and-time bubble," Xander said. "Until it healed from the poisoning the attack gave it. So one day, if she survives that long, the baby will pop back." He stared at Jane. "This will end that. And you. And the city if you goof."

"I can keep that in mind," she agreed quietly, staring at him.

"This is big shit science like the nuclear testing stuff, Jane. This is...there's demon societies that will attack humanity if you get one done. Because this will scare the shit out of them."

"I can understand that. I can keep it theoretical, Xander."

"Good." He grinned. "I'd hate to destroy a whole realm for hurting my sister. I *willlll*," he drawled with a grin. "But I'll hate myself during her funeral."

"I can see that. I'll keep any testing a long way in the future. Maybe after Darcy decides to move on to her future."

Xander smirked at her. "I think you're her future, Darcy's Jane," he said dryly. "Otherwise she'd have finished college." Jane nodded that may be true. "The DPP person who helped get you that said that it's nice you got someone to look over your shoulder and to nag you about doing stupid things. If you didn't have Darcy they'd have already slipped someone in there to watch over you. Banner had one but they got to escape when his experiment went wonky thanks to Ross.

"Stark nearly had one but they couldn't find a way without doing something to Pepper and decided he'd notice her being possessed." He looked at Stark. "They'd still really like to put one here to watch over your shoulder so they could report to the DPP. Just in case. Before you think they're like SHIELD lite, they're not. They just want to prevent another mass invasion if you do something too scary."

He nodded. "I don't like that idea."

Xander grinned. "Thankfully they've got a few people inside SHIELD to make sure they don't destroy everyone."

"The invasion in LA?" Stark asked.

"No, that was a plot by some idiots who wanted power to take over the world. The DPP would be stopping the ones who'd come to destroy us and spank us for endangering everyone everywhere." He waved a hand at Jane. Then at the sorcerer. "They still think we're amusing, but us getting scary and all destroyee, or like war godish, would get us stomped on by others who'd hate their power being taken."

"I can understand that," Jane agreed. "We can work on that."

Xander smiled and nodded. "Please do. Again, would hate to destroy somewhere, but yeah. It'd happen a lot."

"How would you do that?" Stark asked.

Xander let out a dark chuckle, smirking at him. "The stuff I've found and stored, Stark? I could destroy two or three realms in amusing ways, and then sic Rosenburg on them." He grinned. "I have enough to make sure Darcy can continue to scare the universe into leaving us alone when I die. Or Dawn if we both go. Then again, I did confiscate a demon virus from some idiot who wanted to sell it to germ docs down here."

He grinned again. "So fucking stupid of them. And they all died, and the germ docs died when I blew up their fucking compound, because they're dangerous, and then the DPP showed up to nag until I told them why and bluntly handed it to my storage area in front of them. I have a warning in my file with the DPP stating I have things that will destroy people and I'm going to use it if they try to harm me, my family, and my closest friends or I might use them during an invasion attempt. Like I took something from a germ doc in Botswana once and threw through a portal of a group trying to invade. They won't try it again and that was just the super flu."

"Can I get notes on those?" Stark asked.

"Nope!" He grinned. "I don't want to see SHIELD, Stark. I don't want them to know. You've got them so far into your systems they can see everything you do. I protect people. They know I've confiscated some things like weapons. The inventory is not going to make anyone have happy dreams."

"What if we need them with something huge?" Stark asked.

"Do you think I won't have a miraculous poker debt show up?"

"Point. I've seen you do that." He stared at him. Xander just grinned. "Wow." He looked at Jane. "We can make sure you keep it theoretical."

"Please." She looked at Xander. "Will Darcy be hurt if I do that?"

"Nope. And her very minor magical gift might make it safer for her. And you maybe because I've got to teach that girl protections." Thor leaned in. "Hey, Thor, have you heard about the Portaga?"


"One made it down here last month. Strange fought it."

Thor looked at him. "I'm sorry you had to deal with those ones. I heard rumors they're annoying."

"Quite." He looked at Xander. "Would Asgard be part of that?"

"No," Xander said, chuckling. "The one I talked to called Odin a humorless, backward hick with no idea what sort of weapons they had stored from the Old Ones in the library somewhere." Thor moaned. "Jane's research got noticed by them and the DPP, Thor."

"Oh, dear. Is...."

Xander held up a hand, smirking at him. "They're staring this way to make sure we don't make a nuke-like leap this time. If she manages it, they'll stomp on her to make sure we don't act like kids with a laser cannon."

"That's good." He walked off frowning.

Xander looked at Jane. "Those sorts have almost taken out Asgard itself six times since Odin got his throne." He grinned. "They were stopped by Frigga twice. The rest, the sorcerers academies stopped them by stomping on their own people before they could get stomped on."

She nodded. "I can see that going on."

He grinned at her, looking a bit insane. "There's a diary in the local library system from an ancient mage sort. Named Carson. Look up his journal in the Special Collections session." He pointed at Strange. "Which he'd have to give you a pass to that restricted section. Take it as the warning it is?"

"I can do that." He smiled and nodded. "Does that mage have a lot of works?"

"Three or four magic related books. His whole collection got stolen by the library right before he died. He let them to protect them for the future. He thought if he survived he'd get it back. His research was in artificial souls." She looked confused. He looked at Strange.

"For sacrificial rites without using anyone," he said. "Or like that one vampire." Xander nodded. "Or to give those who desire it more than one to allow them to gain more power."

"Yup," Xander agreed. "That was mildly scary and fairly annoying. They just really hated him and his other wacky ideas so they took him out for it."

She nodded. "Okay. I can look those up." She looked at the sorcerer.

"I can go with you," he agreed. "It's probably written somewhere in the library."

"Wong knows. He's the Holder. He's the Key guy."

"All right. We can ask Wong and cite this talk," Strange decided, looking at Jane. "This afternoon?"


"All right. Any other good things to know, Harris?"

"Yup." He grinned at him and handed over a folded sheet of paper. "Not my vision."

He read it, frowning. "Well." He put it into his jacket pocket. "I'll deal with that later." Xander grinned and nodded. "Dawn's doing all right?"

"She's doing pretty good. Mortimer is getting a bit bigger but is still cuddly. He loves helping her work with the artifacts because he's found a few like him trapped in things. He still rides around in her hair but comes down to pet a few things. She's not sure why he's petting a world destroyer trapped in a doll in one case but Mortimer is cute that way."

Strange whined, shaking his head. "Dawn told the Barbie that if she didn't behave she'd have her melted down to make crayons she'd give to a daycare. The world destroying demon decided that would be horrifying so she's promised to behave as long as Dawn lets her watch soap operas again."

Stark squeezed his eyes shut, shaking his head with a sigh. "Why is she stuffed in a Barbie doll?"

"Because the kid that accidentally summoned her by hating that she was being picked on for being a girly little girl wanted her doll to talk back to her because she was lonely. She was Mage Carson's granddaughter so he made sure the doll's safely not able to be broken."

Stark made a whining noise, shaking his head and rubbing his forehead. "My brain just cramped."

"Sorry but not the most weird out there." He grinned, writing something on his hand and getting a small box. "Here, for Hill." He grinned.

"Will it possess her?" Strange asked, staring at the small box.

"Only if it thinks she'd make a great hell hound goddess."

Strange took the box to sense and shuddered, carefully handing it back. "That should be in a safe."

"It needs a woman to contain it. I'm not a girl. Willow might want me to be so I have more sense as she puts it, but I'm not. And if she tries again I'm going to smite her fully this time." He smirked at him. "So it needs a strong willed female who can stubborn the box into being a good doggy goddess."

"Hill is that stubborn," Stark decided. "Hill!" he bellowed. The AI had her notified and she came in. Stark pointed. "That needs a strong willed female to keep it safe. Harris suggested you."

Xander grinned at her. "If you don't stay strong and stubborn enough you'll become the Goddess of Hell Hounds." She grimaced. "It's you or Dawn."

"May?" she suggested.

"Has to be a normal woman with normal woman emotions." He picked it up to hand to her. "I'm not letting Darcy do it. She might want to pet it too often and let it come out to help her."

"I... Do I have to keep it out of a safe?"

"Like a Weeping Angel, if it's in the dark it can move because no one's watching it. Then you'd have to go find where it's saving animals from shelters by eating all the people."

"I ...just light?" He nodded. "I can do that I guess." She took it back to her desk, putting it under her desk lamp for now. She sent Coulson a note about the meeting going on. And the box in case she lost control of it. The AI wouldn't give her a copy of the meeting's tape but she assumed that was Stark's doing to protect Jane's research. She just hoped there weren't more tentacles.

She glanced at that box again then went back to her paperwork. She avoided petting the barking puppy noises it was making. She was stronger than that box of trying-to-be-a-good dog

*** (sent to list's archive to here)

Darcy looked at the guy she was out on a first date with. It wasn't a fix up but it was an introduction thanks to a casual friend who had dated him once. "So, what do you do?" She could tell the guy had some magic. It was glowing around him in the dim bar. Also the guy was dressed like an eighties vampire.

"I'm a researcher. I'm studying energy manifestations."

She smiled. "I'm an intern for an astrophysicist. I type up a lot of her notes but I don't do actual science myself." She sipped her wine spritzer.

"That's an exciting field. They're always finding things in space these days."

"She does a lot of that, sometimes. She's working on a singular phenomenon to recreate it. So she's not usually in the astronomy lab upstate anymore."

"That's still an interesting area of study. I'm looking at the myths of the world crystal."

"I've heard someone say something about it." He looked confused. "I know one of the slayers. She mentioned it once." Only partially a lie. "Something about her sister or someone got asked by someone studying it to do a ritual magical rite to hype the power in it." She shrugged. "The sister was apparently grossed out and stomped off." She took another sip. "All she said was that it was like the lube to certain science things."

"Slightly. How did you meet a slayer?"

She grinned. "I met a watcher once and he introduced us during something." She shrugged one shoulder with a grin. "He seemed pretty decent."

"So you met Xander."

"I did, yes." She smiled. "He's pretty neat."

"How well do you know him?"

She grinned. "We haven't dated. A lot of people assumed we dated but he's not into me or my sort of woman."

"Oh. That is interesting. I've only seen notes on him."

"Xander's a pretty complex guy. A lot of people assume about him. I see him usually when he's in geeky, goofy mode." She finished her drink, putting the glass down. This one was fishing for something and she wasn't sure if it was her, her brother, or Jane related.

"Hmm." He sipped his lite beer. "He is an interesting person." He smiled at her. "So what do you do for fun?"

"Not a lot recently. My boss has that bad all hours of science problem sometimes and we're in an upswing right now since she had to spend a few months off work for her health."

"I've had those days." He grinned. "Would you like to go for a walk?"

She looked at her shoes then shook her head. "I'm not wearing shoes I can walk in for more than a few feet. Impressive shoes are never comfortable," she said with a grin back. "It's a flaw with women's designers."

"I've heard that, and the lack of pockets."

"That started to rob women of privacy so we couldn't hide things from our fathers or husbands." She shook her head. "They're still dumb and trying to make us be dolls to be played with. It's a shame so many men are that way."

"No, women are more than capable of their own decisions," he assured her. She smiled and nodded. "I never understood why men wanted women to be weak."

"It makes the weak men feel stronger." She grimaced at someone coming in. She knew him from somewhere but didn't remember where, just that it was a bad thing. She looked at her date, who was staring over there. "I swear I've met him but it put a bad taste in my mouth," she said quietly. "So probably another lab intern or something." She waved a hand slightly. "Science conferences that my boss go to are often full of canoe-carrying douche bros who think they're all important. Their interns are often junior members of that boating society." He snickered, shaking his head. "I take it you've met some?"

"Oh, yes, and one that was a yacht captain of that boating club."

"Oh, yes, met them too." She sighed, shaking her head. "And then I had to run into Reed Richards once in the lab and watched him complain." The guy shuddered. "Yeah. A lot." She smiled. "Cruise ship level captain there sometimes."

The man stopped beside their table. "Darcy, not out with your brother?"

"Nope. He's off doing something in Portland tonight." She smiled. "You're one of the patriot guy's minions, right?" He nodded. "Huh. Pleasure to see you again and not even taking me hostage this time."

He grinned. "He was most impressed and hoped to talk you onto his side so he could flirt with you. If your brother's in Portland he'll probably see the boss soon since he's out there to nag some of the idiot groups making noises to show their worthlessness."

"One of them stepped up to my baby bro." She smirked a tiny bit. "He told him exactly what it was like to save the world and to be a real man. The guy tried to attack him so he got to bruise his knuckles too. Baby bro called it stress relieving more than a hooker." The guy nodded, walking off laughing. She grinned at her date. "So weird to run into them here," she mouthed.

"It probably is. They took you hostage?"

"Yeah. They wanted to talk to someone I work nearby. Getting me would get my boss to talk to that one."

"Ah! I've seen that happen a few times." He finished his beer. "Want walked back to the tower?"

"Please. That might be a good idea." She looked at that guy then at her date. She put on her jacket and put down for her drink and the tip. He did the same and put on his jacket as he walked her out. She glanced back but the guy was looking in the other direction. She sighed once they got outside. "Four blocks to the tower so you get to have a small walk." She smiled.

"Small walks are great too." He took her arm to walk with her, talking about what she was studying. Which wasn't much but she was working on an online literature class for credit.

Darcy walked into the lab area, finding Stark staring at the doorway. "What sort of problem was he?" she asked. "He admitted to knowing about Xander. And then one of the guys from the poetry thing's hostage stuff showed up."

"The minion is still working for the patriotic guy. He texted Xander to tell him he had run into you and some weird guy that gave him the creeps."

"The guy wasn't creepy, per se, but a bit mildly out there. He said he's studying the world crystal. Which the only thing I've heard about was Dawn saying someone wanted to sacrifice her for it."

He slowly shook his head. "I have no idea about anything like that. That would be magic, not science, Lewis."

"Huh. Well, he didn't ask for a second date so probably a good idea."

"And your tracker worked."

"That's great news," she agreed, smiling at him. "Thank you for finding me one, Stark." She went back to her suite to get comfy for the night. Jane would be back with science in the morning.

Stark shook his head. "What's the world crystal?"

His AI cleared his throat. "It's a crystal that holds energy to help lubricate the core of the planet and many see as a source of some magical power," he said.

"So magical bullshit, I was right."

"It's rumored to be connected to a crystal outcropping in Finland. It's considered a mystical site for ritual work but only for certain healing spells."

He frowned at the ceiling. "Seriously?"

"There's been none so far this year but last year there were two groups doing rituals there to help aid a drought stricken area heal."

"Huh. Okay. That's weird." He turned back around, going back to his current suit's plans. "Why would that help?"

"It's the lubricant between the core and the outer core. That way the core's spinning doesn't slow down with the friction."

He squeezed his eyes shut and nodded once. "It's coffee time." He got up to make some before his mind got stuck again.


Darcy called her brother, getting his voicemail. "It's me. I'm getting a few weird looks from demons who think me liking to sort and stuff makes me part of a prophecy? Can you ask since when I did, I got a lot more odd looks. Thanks." She hung up, looking at Jane. Who shook her head. "I'm wondering what my bro is doing today."

"Most siblings don't seem to do that bro and sis thing so often. Why do you two?"

"Because we had to keep telling everyone that," Darcy said dryly, grimacing. "That way others heard it before we had to keep telling people that I'm not his girlfriend. It just stuck after that. It's cutesy but we like it."

"That makes sense. I remember you getting frustrated at all that wondering how you were in his bed."

"Still, Jane. Still. There was an email today from someone at SHIELD who wanted to know if I could talk to my boyfriend Xander about a situation he had stopped so they could get a real report of what happened," she said in her most dry, sarcastic voice. "Speaking of." She printed it and walked it off to the residential floor. She ran into Clint, holding up the paper for him to read.

He frowned, squinting some. "What the hell?" he muttered.

"Yup." She nodded with a grin. "Is he dumb?"

"Apparently she is. That's...Nat?" he called. She came out of the bathroom wiping her hands off on a paper towel. Darcy held up the paper for her to read.

"That agent is incredibly stupid. Him and his sister." She looked at Darcy. "Forward that to me please? I'll let someone there know they're dumb."

"Sure. I can do that." She smiled. "Any idea why the demon community is giving me looks and I'm hearing hints of me liking to sort things being part of a prophecy?"

"Not yet," Natasha said. "Wear your locating device?"

"If I wear it in the building, it sets off the alarms."

"I hadn't thought of that." She and Clint shared a look. "Put it on anytime you're off the lab floor?"

"I can't even wear it in my apartment. Security shows up each time I put it on anywhere in the building."

"I'll have Stark talk about that." She walked off frowning. Darcy got Jane a snack and went back to the labs. Natasha walked into Stark's lab. "We should fix Darcy's locator so she can wear it all the time."

"Someone hacked into it to set the alarm off anytime she touches it instead of when she sets it off," he said. "I've got it to fix but I have no idea what they've done yet. Is it important?"

"She said there's a prophecy about her liking to sort things."

"I'll work on that today," he agreed. "Any other good news?"

"SHIELD had an agent who asked her to talk to her lover, Xander, about a situation so he could have a report."

"It's in their files that they're siblings," he said. She nodded. He groaned and huffed, shaking his head. "Yeah. Let me work on her locating device or make a new temporary one." He turned to get back to that work instead of his current shield device. She'd probably need it before he needed a better shield against energy weapons.


A few days later, Darcy was pacing while on her phone. "Dawn!" She sighed in pleasure. "It's Darcy. I can't reach Xander. I left him a message two days ago and he hasn't answered. There's been no battles. And none of the local demon community I can find will even look at me. What's going on?" She listened to her wonder while working on something. "Does it have something to do with a prophecy about me liking to sort stuff? I can't find anything about that either."

She listened again. "Yeah, and I'm getting very freaked out and like I should go find his vaults." She took a deep breath as ordered. "Can you find him somehow?" Dawn was getting her health check for Xander, and she heard it was reading as sleeping. "That's still weird, Dawn. How often does he sleep?" She nodded. "I know but something's wrong. I can feel something's wrong. Can you scry him or something maybe?" She blew out a breath. "Of course he's blocked from it. Is that on purpose or was it the redheaded menace?"

She nodded once. "I can do that. Thank you and let me know? Thanks, Dawn, and be safe." She hung up, turning to look at the staring security guard. "My brother's missing and something's going on. I just don't know what. I'm going to go nuts until I find out." She stomped off to Stark's lab. "Do we have that locating thing done? There's something wrong with Xander and no one can find him."

He stared at her then got something from a drawer. "It's Pepper's backup locator." Darcy took it to put on with a sigh of pleasure. "Is he okay? Do you need to go find a bank?"

"I don't know. Dawn didn't know." He winced. "And now no one will look me in the face. So something's going on somewhere!"

"We'll be on alert. I'll tell Captain Spankly Ass."

"Thanks, Tony. If I find out, I'll let you know. Let me go warn Jane." She went back to the lab to rant at Jane until Jane came up with an idea for her.

Tony put out a team-wide text message. This could be really bad. If someone had taken out Xander Harris, they could probably be a threat to the world.


Darcy woke up, which was a bit weird. She was clearly on top of a table of some sort, she could feel the wood under her hands. She blinked at the robed man in front of her. "Did I sleep teleport?" she asked Wong, who nodded. "Why?"

"I'm not sure, Miss Lewis."

"Be less formal, Wong. I'm Darcy, simply Darcy." She sat up, pushing her hair back. She looked at her wrist. "I was wearing a bracelet that has a tracking charm. Tony gave it to me to wear." She patted herself down, finding her phone in her bra. "Great. Um..." He handed over the house phone. "Thanks, Wong."

She sat up to call home. "Jane. Oh, Thor! Somehow I'm with Wong, who works with the Sorcerer Supreme. I think I may have sleep teleported but my tracker is missing. Please. I have no idea. Thanks." She hung up, staring at him. "There's been something truly weird recently."

"Is Dawn involved? Usually we'd have seen her by now," he quipped, then smiled.

"No, my brother Xander is. There's some sort of thing keeping me from finding him. Or Dawn finding him. There's also some sort of weird prophecy about me being some sort of orderly being, when I'm not."

He frowned. "That's interesting." He led her to the library to look at the books. "Have any other weird things happened around you?"

"There was one attempted fix-up with a guy who said he's studying the myths of the world crystal. He had to walk me back to the tower because the patriotic guy who took me hostage once's minion showed up at the same bar but I haven't heard from him since then. But he did know about Xander. I didn't admit we're related."

He frowned. "That is interesting." He looked at a few more books. Then he sighed.

Darcy looked up. "I wish I had a book on the prophecy that's weirding me out and endangering my brother both," she said quietly. One floated over and landed in front of her, opening to a page. "That's not a language I speak."

He looked at it. "It basically translates as 'quit wishing in the demesne, it's dangerous'." He looked at her. "It can be. Something in a closet may react."

"Sorry. It worked for Dawn."

"Dawn is quite unusual." She nodded. He got back to looking. Darcy looked through that one book, just in case and came to one, holding it up. He took it to read through, frowning. "This should've been in the eighteen hundreds. But...huh." He reread it, then cast a checking spell. "Not this one exactly. But that does give me a place to look." He found it and brought that book back. Another one was floating after him. Darcy caught it to pet, making it change colors and float back to the shelf again. "It's probably shy," Wong said with a grin. He found what he wanted, letting her see it.

"Oh, so this is great," she decided. "They want us to create a baby to anchor both poles of order and chaos together." She grimaced, staring at the book. Then at him. Wong shrugged. "I know. You're just smart enough to find it. Can I copy this?" He handed over a pen and paper. "Thanks, dude."

"Welcome, Miss Darcy. It is our duty to help with things."

"Dude, if they magic me to be pregnant by my brother, you can hold me back so he gets a few hits in before I destroy them."

"I can do that. Dawn would probably help."

She grinned at him. "Hopefully." She copied it and tucked it into her pocket. "Let me get back to the tower. Thank you and I'm sorry for popping in this way."

"I'm sure it happens." He let her out and reset the alarm system, going to watch some tv. Since he was alone tonight to guard the sanctum, he could probably relax a lot. The doctor would be back later from his medical discussion.


Darcy walked into the tower and waved at the guards, who stared at her. "No idea, people." She went upstairs, going to the lab. "Tony, I have no idea where it is."

"It's in Indiana," he said, looking at her. "How did you get back here?"

"I woke up in the Sanctum."

He winced. "Why?"

"No clue!" She smiled and handed over the prophecy. "Wong found it for me."

He read it, sighing at the end. "That date guy?"

"Coincidence but I don't think so. Might be sideways involved. I didn't get creepy feelings from him."

"Okay, well, we'll look at it, Darcy. Go calm down?"

"Yeah. I called Thor to let him know I was safe. Sorry about that."

"No. We need to find out who had you."

"If you find out, let me know?"

"Yeah, hopefully by tomorrow."

"Don't let Hill help? She still hates me for some reason."

"I'm not." She nodded, going up to talk to Thor and Jane. Who were trying to have a conversation from across the width of the reading room. Tony got into his system to write the spysassins. They might have a clue and wouldn't have to deal with Hill's hatred of Darcy for whatever reason she had.


Dawn called someone, getting someone she didn't really want. "Agent Miller, is someone who can deal with an emergency there?" she asked.

The guy on the other end of the computer shrugged. "Who did you hope to get, Miss Summers?"

"I was hoping for the guy I talked to before coming to Spain."

"He's out of the office."

"Is someone with sense there who can handle a potential emergency available?"

"I can check to see. Please hold." He put her on hold and went to find someone. "Dawn Summers is calling, she asked for someone who could probably handle an emergency but she doesn't look too worried."

Agent May huffed. "Why?"

"She didn't share with me."

She went to talk to her. "What's wrong, Summers?"

"We think Xander may have been kidnaped."

May winced. "Why?"

"With any type of bad guy? They probably want to sacrifice him. The worrying thing is that they got Darcy, his sister, from Stark Tower. She ended up somehow with the Sorcerer Supreme after being taken from the tower. They think by magic, which means they're going to probably sacrifice them both."

"Why is that an emergency?"

Dawn stared at her for a moment. "You do realize that anyone who gets Xander not only has a source that can start a new hellmouth, one we can't ever close, but could also use that same power to change humanity, create an apocalypse battle, or even just use the diseases in his blood to ruin humanity?"

"I have no idea about any of that. I'll tell others that it's a concern. Do you have any idea where he is?"

"Darcy's tracker ended up in Indiana in an empty field. No one's sure how she got back to New York from there. Or how she got there. That definitely speaks of magical doings."

"Do you know of any magic users who can do that?"

"Not my field. I work with artifacts. That would be a Rosenburgy thing to do. Or the Coven and they don't speak to me because I called them on their bullshit with Willow and aiding her addiction."

"Are your people responding?"

"Giles is off in England working on a peace treaty with a group of Fae who just suddenly appeared. I don't want to trust the redheaded tornado for this. She's not exactly stable and since it involves Xander, she'll probably complain and make it worse." She sipped her coffee. "This is the same witch that even after being told Darcy's Xander's big sister she still calls her a girlfriend. Besides she might try to fight it and make things worse by destroying the earth."

May nodded. "That could happen. I'll let people know, see if we can track him. Thank you for letting us know." She hung up and went to tell the science team. "We may have a problem thanks to the Council people misplacing one of their people. Summers wasn't certain."

"How bad?" Jenna Simmons asked, looking at her.

"They've misplaced Harris and Lewis was potentially taken from the tower by magic."

She nodded. "We can see if we can spot him on satellite."

"Harris has a blood problem?"

"It is locked out of every system that we have ever touched," Simmons said firmly, staring at her. "Because people have wanted to take it from him to use against people." May winced. "They wouldn't be stealing him from the US for that hopefully but there's agencies who're full of idiots. SHIELD is only half full of idiots."

"I've seen that. All right, if you can scan and somehow find him let me know so I can pass it on." She walked off thinking about that. Harris' file hadn't said a thing about his blood. She tried to add that note and it ate the whole computer system. Permanently destroyed it. Now she realized what Rosenburged meant. She had to call Coulson to admit what had happened. He knew about Harris' curse on the system to protect himself but not what had prompted it. Him being missing made Coulson huff and complain about that being a huge problem. Him hearing that Lewis had been taken made him come back immediately. So she had thought it was nicer than it apparently could be. Hopefully this was just a drill.

"What happened to the computer?" Daisy called.

"I tried to fix someone's file," May called back. "Coulson is on his way back to fix it."


Darcy had that tingle that meant Xander was nearby, frowning as she looked around the mall she was in. No little brother. Someone who looked like one of Xander's dates but no Xander. So probably not a great thing. She walked over to him, staring at him the whole way. "Do I know you through my little brother Xander?" she asked quietly.

He nodded slowly. "I know of your brother. You must be Darcy?" His voice had a rough accent, sounding Central European.

"I am. Do you have any idea where Xander may be? He's been missing now for about a week. I feel like he's nearby but he's clearly not."

He frowned. "That could be bad. Any of us who had found him would've noted it. Probably to you as well so you didn't worry and send your boss's boyfriend after us." He called someone. "I just ran into *Darcy*. She said Xander's been missing for a week?" He listened, frowning. "Huh. That's weird. Thank you." He hung up. "It wasn't Rosenburg. There's a coven in Denmark that may have him but no one's totally sure."

"Thanks, dude. Not even Dawn could find him. I hope we can get to him in time."

"Me too. Xander tends to wake up hard when people try to do weird magical things to him. Last time he nearly ate someone." He grimaced. "Well, have fun."

Darcy smiled. "Thank you for the help and you have a good day too." He nodded, walking off. She turned, finding someone standing in the walkway between two stores that led to a back storage area. She knew about him, and what he did, strolling that way. He stared to move. She quirked an eyebrow up so he quit. "Mr. Castle I presume," she said quietly. He nodded. "Problems? I doubt you're involved with my brother being missing."

"Someone wanted you picked up. I'm doing a favor for Hill."

"Huh. Yeah, someone kidnaped my brother and is about to get my taser up their asses." He smirked at her. "I need to finish getting the stuff Jane ordered then I'm heading back to the tower. I'm going to call Dawn while I'm doing that. My brother's former boyfriend said he thinks they're in Denmark." She walked off sighing, calling Dawn.

"It's me. I ran into someone that I saw the picture of in his wallet. He talked to someone who said something about a coven in Denmark." Dawn looked that up. "Huh. So not them, could be them? I need to go ask someone for a bigger weapon?" She smiled. "Yeah, I can do that. Thanks, Dawn." She hung up and turned, spotting Frank. "Change of plans." She ran in to get the rest of that order, looking up the shop Dawn had told her to go to.

Frank got into the cab with her, just in case. "We have to hit the Emporium on 88th," she told the driver, who gave her an odd look. "I'm picking up for the lab people." He nodded, driving them off. She looked at him. "Did you get to meet Dawn or her sister Buffy?"

"I heard about that meeting," he admitted. "Wasn't invited."

"Come next time anyway. If only to keep me from smacking the hell out of Buffy for insisting I'm my little brother's girlfriend instead of his sister." He laughed quietly. "Yeah, it's been that way." They got out at the store, Darcy walking up and laying a hand on the doorway. "Dawn Summers sent me," she muttered. It opened when she tried it, going inside with a smile. "Hi!" They stared at her. "Dawn Summers sent me."

"She's talking to the boss in the office. Who're you, dear?" the cashier asked.

"Darcy Lewis. Big sister to Xander Harris." They all stared. She smiled. "And if anyone knows where he is I'd love to hear. Really." They just nodded. She sighed. "This isn't one of Xander's drop sites, right?" They nodded. "Can I see in case I need something? I can't use his battle axe, it's too heavy for me and I usually only carry a tazer."

"Sure," they agreed, letting her into that drop site's storage closet. Xander had a whole lot of stuff in there. Including a lot of books. All nicely shrank into two bags and a bucket. She looked in the packs, then found something to hold up. She smiled and put that into her bra, finding a few others. Then one sword she pulled out to put on her back. She came out with a book of visions, his other copy. Yup, she found it in there. She let Frank see it, grimacing at it.

"That would probably suck."

"Yeah. A lot." She closed the closet again. "Thanks!" She smiled at the guy that came out of the office. "Why did Dawn send me here?"

"Mostly to get into Xander's closet. Did you get the weapons?"

"Short sword, a few pretty things that're tiny. One bracelet that's clearly got something stored since it's supernaturally warm. Was I supposed to grab something specific?"

"Two things. That journal was one." He got into the closet, coming out with something he handed over from the bucket. "It won't shrink more than that unfortunately."

"I can find a way to lightbend around it." She hugged him. "Thank you. Do I owe you for his storage costs?"

"No, dear. He prepaid." She nodded and left with Castle following her, especially since he took that heavier weapon to hold. "Wow," he muttered. "Xander's sister is bouncy. I thought he was." He went back to the office to make that note. That way Xander wouldn't wonder when he came to check on things again.

Darcy took the bigger weapon back once they got to the tower, kissing Frank on the cheek. "Thank you." He handed over the other boxes. "Have a nice day." She paid the driver and skipped off to handle things. "Thor," she called, getting his attention through the AI. "Got your stuff and need some help." He came down to the lab to help her. He stared at the journal so she opened it to the right one while she gave Jane her things, gave Thor the jeans he had ordered, and put the heavier weapon on the table. "I need to camouflage it."

Thor stared at it. "I know slightly of what it is."

She pinched him on the cheek. "Dawn had me get it from Xander's storage area with that journal." He hummed, going back to reading that vision. "That matches with the prophecy Wong found for me."

Thor winced. "That may be bad and would definitely throw off the world's order."

"Thor, I'm pretty sure them knocking me up by my brother would be worse," she said bluntly, staring at him.

"He may not be the chosen one if they know of that. Though I don't know who else could be used."

"Stark's searches came up with two. Both in hiding by some agency somewhere. They're chaosing people for them," Jane said. She looked at the weapon. "No clue what that does or if it works."

Darcy looked and turned it on then off again. "Seems to." Jane shivered. "Hey, I can turn into a Harris." She smiled. "Easily." She looked at Thor. "Is there something that can conceal it so I can have it in my purse?"

"Not that I'm aware of." He considered it. "I can ask Stark." He went to do that. Stark had the lab's cameras up on his tv so he could pay attention. He let him see the vision journal. "Someone partook of too much sexual congress with their head."

"And got it in the ear instead of the mouth," Stark muttered as he read. "That does match. What is that weapon?" Thor shook his head. "Super dangerous?"

"Not if you know how to aim. Lady Darcy does know how to aim at least a bit."

Stark moaned. "Let's see what we can do. Why Indiana?"

"What we found showed an intermediary step, where they could take off anything tracking her, but they could not remove her from there for some reason. I suspect next time they'll have to bring her directly." Stark nodded, following Thor back to the lab.

Darcy smiled at him, taking the book to put into her bag. "I've got a sword now too."

"Good," Stark agreed. "It seems to be handy for magical thugs." He looked at the weapon. "It might not camouflage, Lewis." She tucked it into her bag and he got something to shield the bag. That would help. They could rest while they waited.

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