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A Redemption From Afar.

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Story notes:
Yeah, I was rereading the series and had this pop up. But happy Friday!
A Redemption From Afar.

Xander had been kicked from his last realm to this one by accident, but they had at least kept him as a redemption child. So here he was like usual, only there was a battle going on. He sighed mentally and summoned something to help him from his original realm. The demon that showed up glared at him. "You owe me," he sent mentally. "I just want my nine trunks of books and the crystal in one specifically. It looks like we've got a huge problem coming and apparently I've got different redemption kids here to back me up."

"D'Hoffryn..." she started.

Xander grinned at her. "Like in Hogwarts, I'll take the fuck over again." He waved a hand. "Read it." She did and moaned, going to get that crystal first and then the books could go near that strange redemption child from this realm. She couldn't get one right away, it was buried in a closet, but she'd get it in a few minutes.

Xander watched then sighed, crawling out there once the crystal was around his neck. Yup, that figured. Thor had just rewon his hammer. "Hi!" he said with a grin, crawling to the pretty redemption child he could feel. She blinked at him oddly. He patted her on the leg. "Hi!"

"Hi. Who're you?" She picked him up and automatically felt what he was. "How in the hell, kiddo?"

"Nope!" He smirked. Then he looked at Thor. "NO!" he shouted, making Thor flinch. "No way. No go. No!" Thor opened his mouth. Xander grinned and waved the crystal. "Nope! Baaddddd," he drawled then blew a kiss at the other woman. "Hi!"

"You're not a normal child," the woman said.

"Nope." He grinned. He waved the crystal. Thor tried to snatch it so Xander swatted him. "No! Mommy!" He grinned at Darcy then at Thor. "Your mommy?"

"She's not here." Xander stared at him until he might get the point. "What do you want, child? And what are you?"

"He's a redemption child," Darcy said dryly. "I don't know why he's here."

He grinned and blew a kiss. "Bad guys go boom."

"Oh, that reason." Xander giggled and hugged her, then waved at the two guys coming over and a third. "Daddy!"

"Not a chance," the one guy said, staring at him.

Xander giggled. "Yup!"

"You're a bit demented."

"He's a redemption child," Darcy said, shifting Xander to her hip. She looked at him. "I don't know why he showed up then."

"Bad guy." Xander blinked at up her then put the crystal on her chest, letting it glow on her. She moaned. "See?"

"I do see." She looked at the agents. "So," she said, staring at him. "In his next-to-last life, he was sent to be your kid." That guy slumped, staring at him. "Because you had given up on humanity, you and all the Avengers." The head agent winced at that name. She looked at Thor and Jane.

"From what the crystal showed me, you can't go home yet and we need to talk to your mother and brother. Today." Thor opened his mouth. She held up a hand. "The crystal shows the memory of her dying and then Asgard dying a few years later. And your brother invading New York while under control of a blue cubey thing." She stared at Thor. "So can we get them down here to sidestep all that?"

"I know not how," he admitted.

"Heimy!" Xander quipped with a smirk and a wave at the Warriors Three and Sif. "Pretty."

She stared at him. "I'm more than pretty."

"Ooooh." He flirted with her. She rolled her eyes.

"Do we know of his name?" Thor asked.

"Alexander, the Warrior Child. Not from this realm but in at least four." She pulled up the myth of redemption children to show him and the agent guys. The archer one stomped off swearing.

Xander giggled and waved. "Come back soon!"

"Behave please," Darcy ordered. She looked at him. He grinned at her. "Unlike many, I'm not into bad kids." She looked at Thor, then took the crystal from the kid to let him touch it with his hand. His face looked pinched as he saw then sighed and nodded, walking off calling for Heimdall.

"Heimy hi!" Xander called with a wave and a grin. He looked at Sif again, then grinned at her. "Bad guys?"

"I have handled many." She held out a hand. "May I, Darcy?" She let her touch it and Sif's yelp of pain made them all wince but she fell to her knees, moaning and nodding once. "I need to handle more."

Xander hummed, grinning at her. "Queeny mom."

"Yes, her first." She looked at the others then at Jane. "Thor and Loki were going to battle on the bridge. Thor is going to break it. Loki will fall into the void and into a trap of a purple being with the tesseract."

"Purple turd," Xander told her with a nod. "Big purple turd."

Darcy poked him. "No swearing please."

"Is right!" he said firmly, staring at her.

"Still swearing. Use better words."

"Too small." He grinned. Then he looked at Sif again. "Queen Mommy."

"I'll make sure she comes with Loki," she agreed, going to help Thor. Heimdall showed up with the queen and Loki, who was being held by his collar.

Xander grinned and waved. "Hi, Heimy!"

"Alexander," he said with a nod and a smirk. "I saw all that." Darcy grinned at him for that. He handed Loki to Sif then looked at the Queen. "My queen, it is most important. Look at what the baby wears."

She looked then sighed. "That's a star crystal."

Xander poked it then shook his head. "World."

"We call them...."

He shook his head again. "World. My world." He stared at her. "We'd miss you."

She moaned. "What is going to happen? And who are you?"

"That is the Warrior Child, Alexander," Heimdall announced. "From over four realms." Xander nodded. "He is a redemption child."

"Bad guys are idiots," Xander quipped with a grin for her. "Sent me here. So I fix. Next time I be cute, cuddly, cooing." He shrugged but grinned at her. "Solve purple turd. No dead half."

Frigga walked over, touching the crystal. She activated it and moaned, slumping. When it was done she stiffened up. "We will definitely be fixing Thanos," she said dryly. "And the other problems." He pointed at Loki. "Yes, he must not fall into his hands."

Xander patted her. "Hate to miss you."

"I'd hate to be missed." She smiled at Darcy. "Thank you for holding him."

"Seemed like the thing to do so he doesn't get stepped on or lost." She handed the baby to Loki, who looked at him oddly. Then he spotted something on his arm and sighed, taking off the cursed mark. Xander grinned at him. Darcy looked over. "How did he get that?"

"Bad guys," Xander said dryly. "Go boom. Very big boom." He grinned. "Bad guys."

Loki put a hand on his head and read it then moaned. "The ones in charge tried to have him neutralized by sending him at people who would harm children for fun and profit. Thankfully they got ended." Xander grinned at him. "Go boom was the building. They got spotted by police officers. They got arrested. The children got saved. The ones against him sent him here to solve problems so he wasn't able to pull any support." Xander cackled, shaking his head. "But they have no idea who he really is."

"Nope." Xander grinned at Frigga. Then said something, making her blush. "My mommy."

She cleared her throat. "I heard of thus, child." Xander smirked and nodded. "That means you're a warrior mage." He grinned and nodded again. "Oh, dear."

"Yup." He beamed. "Hi, Daddy!" he called with a grin and a wave.

"Don't freak the agent guy out," Darcy ordered patiently. "We'll need his help to solve the one death from them." She looked at Jane. "Let's go to the dealership to talk." She pointed. "This way, Queen Frigga. That way you're out of the sun." She went to let them in and start some water for coffee and tea. She spotted the trunks. "Yours?" she asked Xander.

"Books!" He beamed. "My books."

"That could help," Loki decided, setting in a seat. The child got put on the table. Frigga and Thor sat across from him. Darcy got a few extra seats for people, moving the table some to give them more room. "Hey, Jack Booted Thug in charge, you gotta come too. You and Daddy guy." She went back to fiddling with the kitchen things. "I've got water warming for tea and coffee started, Queen Frigga. Whichever you want." She leaned against the counter when the three agents came in.

Xander focused on one. "You need pretty."

"No I don't," the agent said.

Xander grinned. "You need many pretty. And help. Before you get one of me." He smirked. "Could be Rodney. He's mean." The agent stared at him. Xander cast a fascination on him, making him walk off to talk to someone. Then he looked at Darcy, who was staring at him. He grinned. "Good boy."

"Maybe," she said, handing out cups of coffee. The two agents had to get their own. "All right. What the crystal showed me, Thor, you and Loki are going to fight. It's going to break the bifrost. It'll send Loki into the void where the purple guy tortures him and puts him under control." Loki winced. "The purple one will send him to earth to the tesseract, and he'll put people under control to help him take out humanity for the purple guy."

She looked at the Daddy agent then at Erik Selvig, who moaned and shook his head. "Loki's control had you making him a portal machine that opened up so they could invade in some flying whale looking thing that shot aliens from the side." Loki moaned. She looked at the agents. "You being under his control meant that you military-struck some air craft carrier place, and Loki killed your boss there, the science stealing asshole."

Clint slumped but nodded once. "So we need to fix that, so it'll never cascade. We need to fix the alignment issue that'd get Frigga dead, because shortly afterward Odin gives up and then Hela shows up to destroy the whole of Asgard. And then the purple turd finds Loki on the refugee ship and takes him out, Heimdall out, and the rest of the refugees outside Thor." She waved a hand. "Which none of us want I guess?" They all shook their heads. "So, how do we stop this?" she asked, looking at Frigga, then at Loki.

"If it is Thanos," Frigga started.

"Do not say his name or it will draw his attention," Loki warned quietly. She glared. He stared back. He looked at the trunks, getting up to look up a book. He could feel the magic and it called the book to his hand when he thought of it. He opened the book to show them. "That one?" Frigga nodded. So did Darcy. "That's him. To speak of him draws his attention. He desires to supposedly save the worlds he takes out by removing most of their people." He sat down again, sipping his tea. Darcy got some honey when he grimaced. "Thank thee."

"Welcome." She looked at Frigga. "So how do we stop this since we've sidestepped Loki falling into the void thanks to Thor breaking the bridge while fighting him?"

Frigga considered it. "That must be more carefully plotted." She looked at her. "You're impatient."

"I know how much time most humans have, Queen Frigga. It's very limited." Thor grimaced but sipped his coffee. He got some sugar packets to add to it. "We only have ten months to the convergence. Thor said many nice things about you. We'd hate to miss you."

Frigga smiled. "Thank you, dear." She looked at the boy then at her sons. "We must sidestep that one as well. Hela would be horrible on Asgard as she destroys everything by taking it over." Both boys nodded. She sighed. "We must warn others."

"Right now, we need to figure out what we're doing so we can warn others," Darcy reminded her. "Because not everyone has to have the same level of plans. Some need to know something." She waved a hand at Coulson and Barton. "But they're not needing as much help as you will to save everyone else. Then we gotta figure out how to fight the purple one."

Loki cleared his throat. "Mother should not be near the palace when the convergence happens." He looked at Thor, who nodded. "That would leave Odin being vulnerable."

"Odin can fight," Frigga reminded him. "He uses his great anger on that."

"Can we stop the dark elves from invading before anyone has to die?" Jane asked. Frigga stared at her. "I'm not suggesting a preemptive war, or taking them out, but some way to block them off, some detector to tell it's them?"

Frigga nodded. "I can think on that. Odin will be mad."

Xander grinned and crawled over to hug her. "He nap?" She nodded. He pointed at Loki. "He becomes."

Loki smirked. "I saw that part as well." He put the baby back in place. "She hates being hung on, Alexander."

Xander grinned and blew a kiss at him. "You mean. Good!" He smirked. "Purple turd...." Darcy swatted him. "Hey!"

"No swearing." She stared at him. "No bad words at all, kiddo. You're making a bad impression and no one will listen to you if you use those words." Xander scowled.

Jane snickered quietly. "She's going to win, kid. She does it to me too." She sipped her coffee, then grimaced, making some more. Darcy took that over for her. "Thanks, Darcy." She sat down on another table, looking at them. She got her new cup of coffee from the first pour and sipped. "How do we protect the agent guy I don't trust since he stole our stuff, the Queen, and Loki?"

Darcy shrugged. "We can remove them from harmful areas. That would pretty well mean they weren't on Asgard at certain times."

"How did I take down the helicarrier?"

"You gathered a team and they took it down," Loki told him. "I had stabbed your overlord there." He waved a hand at Coulson. Then looked at Jane, who stared back. "I can get your things back."

Darcy grinned. "They're already on their way." She stared at Coulson, doing a bit of minor magic, making him moan but nod. "Thanks! I miss my toys. And my laptop that has my next paper I need for class."

"We'll be sealing all this," Coulson told her.

"You cheat me out of my science credits, you can put me in jail after I go on the morning news shows." She smiled slightly. "I'd really hate that. I don't want attention for that sort of reason." He stared. She stared back with a small smile. "I don't. If I have to.... Well...." She waved a hand with a smirk and sipped her coffee. "I can make a pretty presentation on all this." He sighed but shook his head. "Really, I will."

"Which means we can take you into custody for that," Barton said.

Darcy grinned. "Try it." Clint tried to grab her arm and fell down screaming from the things attacking him. She grinned at him. "So, that worked for you?"

"Make it stop," he ordered.

"Be nicer to me." She ended the spell and looked at Coulson.

"You're like a witch?" Loki guessed.

She grinned. "Something like that."

Frigga stared at her and moaned, then looked at the boy, who shrugged.

"I got sent." He grinned and shrugged again. "Will be hope giving later. Or chaos mage, not sure yet."

Loki stared at him. "That would be frightfully boring for you."

Xander grinned. "I have fun."

Loki rolled his eyes. Then he tested the child's skills and moaned. "He is a mage."

"Yup," the kid said happily, beaming at him. "Original mage. My Sanda still stuck in Draco having babies."

Loki stared at the trunks then at him. "Yours?" Xander grinned with a nod. A demon showed up with the last trunk, dropping it with a sigh. "Thank you," Loki said.

She looked at him then looked up. "Really?" she demanded.

"Hey, be more polite in front of royalty," Darcy quipped with a smirk for her. "That all his stuff he wanted?"

"It's all I could get out of his temple outside two things." She put something on the table in front of the kid, making him grin at her. "And this." She put a battle axe on the table behind Jane. "I think you're too short for that yet."

"My baby," Xander cooed, summoning it to cuddle. Jane sighed, shaking her head. "Thanks."

"Welcome, Xander." She disappeared before someone else wanted her to do more work.

Thor looked at the axe then at Darcy, who shrugged. "Did you shrink it to fit his hands?"

"Nope. I guess he did. It's apparently his best friend."

Jane looked at her. "Do we have beings like him here already?"

"Yes." She nodded. "From what I've seen of that myth? A few are left."

"Why do they even exist?" Jane asked.

"Redemption children are supposed to show up when someone who's going to do good for the world loses hope in humanity," Frigga told her. "Some have went to doctors who made a real difference. Some have went to people who were to free peoples. We've had one in the past, it went to someone who was due to be a great hero to make sure he went on when he was tired."

"What do they do when there isn't one?"

"Hang out," Xander quipped with a grin. "Vacay!"

"That's gotta be boring," Jane said, looking at Darcy, who shrugged. "So what do you during yours?"

"I'm down here." She shrugged but grinned. "Living a vacation life actually." She looked at Xander. "Do you guys still have your ten?"

"Sixteen. Volunteers. Mates." He flapped a hand. "Dumbles."

Loki looked at him. "I saw that. How did you survive that schooling?"

Xander grinned. "I got mean." He looked at Frigga again. "We protect you?"

"I think we can work something out," she agreed. "Though you're very young." Xander smirked at her. "But we'll figure it out." She looked at Jane. "Your science project?"

"Would basically build another version of the bridge," Thor told her.

"Oh! That's charming, dear." She looked at Darcy. "Yours?"

"I'm just her intern who does all her paperwork and stuff." She grinned. "I'm on vacation this life, Queen Frigga. I don't need that stress. The only thing I might break into doing is finding a mate. Or at least a real boyfriend. It's been a while."

Frigga rolled her eyes. "You don't have anything more important to do?"

"No. All the heros are covered right now. If one pops in near me I'll help them while they're around but I'm not on assignment. I'm literally what I appear to be - a light powered witch with a lot of graphic history lessons behind me. I don't think more than one of us is presently actively assigned. The last I heard they were in Seattle or something."

"So your kind have an overseeing body?" Coulson asked.

Darcy nodded. "She picks our assignments and sends us out to help. We show up, we get cuddly, we get cutesy, we coo, we cheer people up, we encourage them to keep going by being there, then we grow up, help people as adults, and then go to the next one. A few have found a mate and they try to meet up with them in each life but that's not me."

"Who sends you?" Jane asked.

"D'Salinas. She's the one over wish demons." She looked at Xander. "Yours?"

"D'Hoffryn, over vengeance," Loki said when the kid yawned.

"Tried to screw us up on purpose to make us more nice." Xander smirked at her. "Didn't work!"

"Ours here died." She considered it then called on her boss, who sent her top minion. Darcy pointed at the kid. "All hail the Warrior Child Alexander."

The minion flinched, staring at the baby. She touched his head and moaned. "Why?" she asked the baby. He pulled up his last two assignments, making her shudder. "D'Hoffryn is so cranked. Maybe he needs his own redemption child visit."

Xander smirked. "I needed, got Anya."

"No, she's gone here, Alexander." She read the crystal and winced then looked at Darcy. "Raise him well. I'll tell the boss." She disappeared.

"I wanted to know if I was getting assigned," she called.

"Yes, fix his burnout!"

"Crap." She looked at the kid, who shrugged. "We can work it out I guess. You still have to quit swearing."

Xander nodded. "I'll try."

"Thank you. That'd be great. No more calling people names either, even bad ones."

"Can't say it!"

"You can still call him something other than the purple turd." Xander rolled his eyes but nodded. "Thanks!"

"Don't make her mad, kid. If you do, I don't get coffee and she doesn't bake things." Xander pouted at her. Darcy grinned and nodded. "Maybe we can teach you science."

"Math, eww!"

"Oh." She looked at Darcy, who shrugged. "Common?"

"Depends on the person really." She shrugged again. "That's an individual trait." She looked outside. "Your tribe cometh."

Coulson looked and went to talk to them. They were bringing back all of the things they had stolen, under Darcy's careful compulsion. And the kid's more wild one that made them bring him a pack of twinkies with the last load they had gotten. Jane gave the kid a dirty look but Xander grinned and hummed while he ate them.

Frigga shook her head. "You'll have your hands full, my dear." She stood up. "We will make plans and bring them back down here."

"You can come back to earth to hide," Darcy suggested. "That way you're extra safe, Frigga."

"I could," she agreed. "That may be the best plan." She patted Darcy on the cheek. "Good luck with him."

"Thanks. I might need it."

Frigga smiled and nodded, walking off with Thor escorting her and Loki following thanks to the Warriors Three. She looked at the kid. "We know that kids become what they're raised as," she said, making Frigga flinch but stare at her. "So I'm hoping we can make you a bit more sane, Xander."

He grinned at her. "Don't sell me."

"Never crossed my mind."

"Don't keep me from weapons?"

"Um, no, no weapons outside your axe until you're closer to an adult." She grinned. "We're mostly pacifists. Sorry."

"Shoot." He petted his axe. Then he looked up at her. "Bad guys?"

"If you wanna hit on 'em, let me know first and be an adult so no one's creeped out."

Xander nodded. "Might." He curled up on the table around his axe. "I nap."

"Okay," Jane agreed. "We can work around you, kiddo." She looked at Darcy. "He's going to be a trip."

Darcy nodded. "Yup." She moved Xander's trunks of books out of the way of the science equipment. They could go through them later.


Darcy showed up for her meeting a few days later. Coulson had arranged it before she had blocked off the memories so he couldn't speak of anything he learned in New Mexico. She was let into the office, smiling at them. "Hi."

"You don't look like the guy who guarded me," the guy in there said sarcastically.

"I'm Darcy Lewis, Jane Foster's assistant and the present mother of a redemption child." Pepper sat up straighter at that, staring at her. She put the notes in front of her. Then she held up the crystal. "He showed up with a crystal from his original world, he got sent here because their boss was cranky. Unfortunately, he came with information on something we've diverted but someone like Iron Man will have to hear so he can make his own plans." She gave Stark a pointed look then looked at Pepper again. "Because there's some seriously stupid going on. Including SHIELD being core rotted."

Stark got up to turn on something, staring at her. "Prove it."

She put down pictures and a file from her messenger bag. "The kid led me to hack it and find it." She put them in front of Pepper too. Stark took it to look at and moaned. She nodded, looking at him. "They've found Captain America last week."

He stared at her. "We didn't hear about that."

"He's in cryo storage being woken up. Which HYDRA has a lot of experience with." She pulled out a file to pull a picture out to hold up. "I recognize him from history class."

Stark snatched the picture and sat down with a moan. "Why?"

She held out the file, letting Pepper take it to flip through. "That's what I found when I hacked for the kid." She looked at Stark again. "The kid helped prevent, hopefully, the destruction of Asgard. We have a bigger threat coming no matter what we do to save Asgard, Thor's mom, and his brother, and New York...." She stared at Stark. "Originally, if we hadn't stopped it, Thor would've beaten his brother during a battle after ours in New Mexico the other day." He nodded once.

"Thor would've broken the Bifrost, sent Loki into the void, which would've gotten him tortured and, well, possessed by the bad guy coming later, so he would've been sent to take over the world. Starting with New York City." Stark grimaced. "We stopped that. We stopped his mom probably dying during the convergence in about ten months. Which would lead to Odin going nuts, dying, then Hela showing up and destroying all of Asgard."

Pepper grimaced and shifted in her seat. "But we've told Frigga. We told Thor and Loki. We told Coulson because he would've died thanks to Loki and a few agents he had under control that took out some helicarrier thing they have." She looked at Pepper then at Stark. "Including your phase two weapons. You found that out after Coulson was killed by Loki's staff, which held the cube that had him under control, and then there was a huge battle." She let the crystal swing on her finger. "You can prove it with this if you want. And if the redhead agent is still here, tell her to call the archer guy please?"

"We do have a... Natasha," Pepper summoned. She came in and spotted Darcy then attacked her. Darcy tripped but got out of the way. Then she froze her with a spell. "Oh!" Pepper said.

Darcy grinned, wiggling her fingers at her. "The archer guy said to call him. We've prevented your handler from dying. Now we're preventing a later problem. A lot of later problems." She watched her struggle. "I'll remove the spell if you're not going to attack me. I came in peace so they could make their own plans outside of SHIELD." The spy glared. "Will you agree not to attack me this time?" The spy glared harder. Darcy sighed. "Fine. You can speak." She looked at Pepper again, shrugging some. "Okay then."
She put the crystal on the desk. "You can probably have anyone read it, though having some magic helps." A guard came in and Darcy looked at him then at Pepper, who shook her head with a sigh. "Sorry to alarm anyone," she said. Stark took the crystal, frowning when it didn't activate. One of the secretaries came in and used it, displaying it for them. Darcy looked at her. "I got sent a redemption child kid who got his realm kicked for being too damn good."

The other witch, one of the other redemption children, shook her head. "Only you, dear."


Stark waved a hand so she cut the display. "So we've gotten all that solved?"

"The purple guy," Darcy told her. She showed those parts. Stark heaved when he saw the second battle's outcome. "As the kid calls him, the purple turd. He's still probably coming."

Pepper nodded once, looking at Tony then at her. "So we need to deal with that when it happens."

"Having some plans before it shows up? Might help. And moving the tesseract from SHIELD but they know that themselves. We had Coulson there stealing science things from Jane and Dr. Selvig. Which is why Jane doesn't trust SHIELD." Stark nodded he agreed while sipping some water. "So, I came to tell you that, let you see it, let you make some of your own plans.... all that stuff." She clapped her hands.

"Because we know that you need to do your own and not let others do it for you." She looked at Stark. Who nodded again. "If you need the kid, he's about two. I'm working on his mouth but we're working on things. He has some books he had brought. We've fixed the Loki, Frigga, and Coulson's deaths we think. They all know so we're hoping it's solved. Or at least diverted."

Stark nodded. "That makes sense. I wouldn't trust SHIELD to make plans for me either. You and Foster?"

"London soon. We'll be there for the convergence. That's up Jane's theoretical alley so we'll be over there somehow."

"That's a good idea," Pepper agreed. "Do we need to hear more?"

Darcy grinned, handing over one other file. "On the stone thingies the purple one wants. The tesseract is only one."

Pepper looked at it and moaned suddenly, standing up. Darcy grinned at her and nodded. "Oh, dear."

"Oh, yes, and we've got to handle hiding them. Somehow. A few are off world." She shrugged. "Thor said they're not really *stones* but that's all that they're called. Huge, complicated, even Jane took a nap," she said with a hand flap. "But we have to protect them somehow."

Stark looked at the files then at her. "SHIELD looks like it'll be dissolved."

"More like imploding. HYDRA is like that from what the kid said." Natasha moaned at that. Darcy looked down at her. "The kid pegged it so I went looking. If they found out they probably laughed it off since I'm just an unpaid intern to a scientist that most people laugh at the ideas of." She grinned. She looked down and removed the spell on the redheaded spy. Then looked at Pepper again, then at the assistant. Who was rolling her eyes. She grinned at her. "Want Alexander for a visit?"

"No thank you, dear." She smirked back. "You have fun with him."

"He needed one of us once and got sent Anyanka. They're overseen by D'Hoffryn."

The other woman shuddered. "Oh, Goddess," she muttered, walking off hugging herself.

"Yup, basically." She looked at Stark then at Pepper. "Can I fill in any gaps I've left? I've got to get back to the kid to help him recover. Before he goes back to the guy who was his dad in a former life to finish creeping him out."

Stark moaned. "Do we know him?"

"I don't know," Darcy quipped, smiling at him. "Maybe not yet as he was on that team that defended New York."

"Can we debrief the kid better?" Pepper asked.

"He's two. He has a limited vocabulary. You can meet him if you want. I'm not against that. He'll probably have a slight flashback to the life before last, where the team there had lost all hope in humanity and got a few of them sent to them."

Thor watched the vision/dream that was going on and decided to interrupt it by waking the young woman. She gasped as she sat up, holding her chest. "What did you see, Darcy?" he asked.

She panted, gulping air until she could look up at him. "A redemption child showed up to save a few people. Including your mother." She took another deep breath. "Lots of stuff. Including that you beating your brother will get him tortured and he'll try to take over earth once he's under their control." She sighed, looking up at him. "And if we don't stop it, we've got a huge purple, genocidal alien showing up soon after that."

Thor blinked a few times. "Excuse me?"

She nodded, getting up to make notes. She took them with her, going to photocopy them. She handed one to Thor since he was following her, making him moan. She found an agent and shoved him. "I need your guy in charge and the archer guy. Now please." He glared. She decked him. "Right the hell now please." The agent called that in and got another one. "Not the one I wanted. Though I'm not sure why he saved you in that vision." She stared at him.

"You're only getting me, Lewis." She held up the first page of notes and he snorted. "Prove it." She smirked and wiggled her fingers. "What?"

"She's a redemption child from this realm," Thor said.

"On vacation life." She stared at him. "So get me the archer guy, who the little kid picked on because he was his daddy in his next-to-last life, and Agent i-Pod thief. Since it's preventing them being taken out or over." She stared at him. "I didn't catch why he saved you but he did and sent you to talk to someone about pretty things for some reason." He glared.

She stared back. "So yeah, might wanna figure out why he saved you from something by making you go talk to someone." The archer guy came over. "So," she said. "I got sent a vision by a redemption child in another realm, who was your kid there in his next-to-last life." The archer frowned but took the notes to look over. Then he moaned.

"Thor's gotta stop his shit before it happens. You gotta stop your so you're not taken over, and take out SHIELD." The other agent snickered. She smirked. "His little team of about eight guys, took out out SHIELD's helicarrier and nearly got Fury. Got the guy in charge dead, and you probably didn't make it then either." She looked at the archer then the guy walking up behind him. She looked at Thor. "Can we stop yours?"

"I need to bring down my brother."

She looked at him. "Thor, there's a problem there. Read further again." He did and slumped. She looked and turned the page, pointing at something. "He got raised by your daddy to be your first torture victim. Is that the man your mother would be proud of?"

"No," he admitted, folding them up. "I will not allow him to fall."

"How about you make it so it can't happen?"

"I'm not up there, Darcy."

She sighed. "In about two days, your besties are showing up and so will Loki in a robot, Thor." He winced. "It's how you get your thingy back but ...." She waved a hand. "Gotta stop all that. It's the lynchpin to stopping the rest, outside maybe that purple turd as the kid called him coming to kill half of everything."

Thor blinked a few times. "We can stop that."

"Really? You can stop an immortal alien being with ideas of being called a hero by way of genocide? Would that be before or after your sister takes out Asgard and that purple guy kills the refugees?"

Thor went back to reading, then groaned. "Fuck," he said in another language. Though they understood the meaning well enough. He looked at her. "How do we stop this?"

"Well, first, let's not let Loki fall into his hands, Thor." She stared at the archer, who was shuddering. Then at the agent in charge. "By the way, bring it back," she ordered, backing it up by magic. "I don't have the time or the inclination to deal with that and this. Since they put it on my shoulders. The redemption children in that realm must be nuts," she muttered as she walked off. Something got thrown at her so she caught it, and tossed it to Thor, who set it off for the agents. The kid could tell them himself.

"FUCK!" the archer and the other agent said.

The head agent sighed but nodded once. "So we must solve things. Thor?"

"I will...I have no idea how to stop my brother."

"Therapy," the other agent quipped. "Might help a lot, Thor." He stomped off to handle his own problems. He got an illusion visit by the kid. "Why me?" he demanded.

"You and your bunch of idiot minions actually saved me from the last life by finding the kids and getting them help. I owed you. Don't make the mistakes that one of you did, dude. Just...don't. Turn. It'll be safer." He smirked. "And yeah, this is in thanks for getting me from that asshole people seller." He disappeared. "Leave Darcy alone," he said as he faded out. "She's important. She just got an assignment." The agent threw a mental fit while considering that information. Maybe...he had an option there. Maybe.


Darcy got woke up by a poke an agent, who stared at her. "What's up, Archer guy?"

"We found out why. The whole thing is screwed up. And you get to help." He smirked. "They decided you're our link to all that stuff."

"I'm basically a light powered witch with some nasty past history lessons shown to me, Bow Boy." She smirked. "This is my vacation life. I just got off the guy who started some refugee camps and got killed for it. And me, and all our family." The archer winced. "So no, if I need to give hope I'll definitely do it but not on assignment. You're not the higher up that gives those out."

"Yup, but we're coopting you, or we can arrest you for magicking the head guy."

She snickered. "Prove it?"

"He can. We can do it neurologically."

"Um, no. You actually can't. Others have tried. Including Jane." She grinned. "But nice try!" She held up two thumbs. "Great try, A for effort." She got up and walked around him. "Jane, is your stuff back yet?"

"Yes. Yours isn't." She looked at her. "They think you're moving."

"I think that won't get me my science credits." She got her things sent back by calling in a favor with a higher up. She restored her area and grinned at the staring agents. "Better! Thank you!" She put on her i-Pod and went to make breakfast for them. The agents were glaring but oh well.

Her higher up showed up, making Jane subtly reach for a device to scan it. The agents were all reaching for weapons. "Dear," she said patiently.

Darcy grinned. "You promised me a vacation life!" She smiled. "And I'm taking it! If I do offer hope or ideas on the side that's one thing but it's not an assignment."

"No, it's not. I was going to ask about the vision you got?" She took the notes from Thor to hand to her. She read it over while Darcy made eggs, then sighed. "Alexander," she muttered.

"They tried to send him here and apparently he fought back." She looked at her. "D'Hoffryn is truly fucked if he sent that kid to a people seller to make him quiet down."

"He is and I'd like to beat him." She handed the notes back, staring at her redemption child. "So, about these heros?"

"If they happen around me I'll do what I usually do. I'll offer hope, reassurance, reminders about humanity sucking but it's better than the alternative. All that. I'm not putting myself in danger of dying thanks to humanity." She glared at the agents. Then at her boss again. "You promised me time off."

"Then they interfered."

"Then go take out that version of D'Hoffryn. Since he was intentionally screwing up the kids to make the older ones shut down. If you did that, we'd take you out." She smirked. "Since that Alexander took over on D'Hoffryn once but got talked into giving it back to him...."

"I can aid that plot," she agreed, staring at the young woman. "You could be a lot of help."

"I'm sure I will on the sidelines. If it happens around me I'll still be the great, happy, perky hope giving individual who bakes a lot." She shrugged. "Frankly, I'm taking college stuff. I need to keep more skills that I had from last lives like they do. I could use some of the skills from about three lives ago when I was a baker during the French Revolution." Jane whined. She grinned at her. "I was supporting the one who was helping prop up the civilian leaders who weren't Robespiere." She looked at her boss again. "So?"

"No, I agree. This is a needed vacation life and you can do well enough without an actual assignment." Darcy grinned and nodded. "Have you thought about becoming a therapist?"

"Yes but then I'd get depressed with humanity. I couldn't handle the bigger abuse cases without wanting to smite the offenders."

"Good point," her boss agreed, staring at her. "You can still do the work."

"And I will if it's needed around me." She smiled. "Right, Jane?"

"I hope we don't have a lot of heroics around us." She frowned, taking the notes from Thor. "This thing in London?"

"We'll be ground negative one," Darcy quipped. "Just to the left of all that. So we'll probably have to help." They shared a look then Jane sighed, going back to the notes.

"Invasion of New York?" she demanded, looking up then at Thor.

"If we can prevent Loki from being taken by the big purple turd, as the other kid called him, we can stop that from happening," Darcy said. "And it'll prevent him from putting some agents under control, and Erik. It'll mean the agent archer boy can't take out SHIELD." The other agents glanced at him then all sighed. She grinned at him. "Even under control, you were still pretty badass. I can see why the kid called you daddy." The archer blushed, ducking his head and shaking it. She looked at Thor again. "So we can sidestep all that?"

"We hopefully can. I would hate to miss my mother," Thor admitted. "I cannot call up there however, and if he sends the robot, we will have to fight."

"Or you could capture him and put him in therapy," Jane said dryly. "Instead of battling, breaking the bridge, and sending him into the void before he's tortured? We'd probably like him not to be tortured. It seems to solve a lot of problems if he's not tortured."

Thor nodded. "I have no idea how to do such, Jane."

"You know what, there's a way," Darcy said, looking at her boss. Who just nodded. "Okay. Someone else go lift the damn hammer." They all stared at her.

"We can't," the archer quipped. "We tried."

She looked at Jane, who sighed but nodded, going to try it. The vision had her lifting it. She came back with it and then went up there with the notes to stop some shit. Frigga was horrified when she appeared but she threw Odin out of his throne and gently helped Frigga into the seat, handing her the notes.

"From another realm's redemption children. Read, please." Loki stomped in. Jane looked at him. "We have to make sure you're not tortured soon, Loki. More than your family already does." Loki gave her an odd look then noticed the hammer and started to open his mouth. "Keep it up. Come see the notes from a redemption child on a nearby realm that got sent to one here."

Loki stomped up, taking the notes his mother held out. He moaned and sat down on his mother's seat, staring at her and Jane. Jane nodded. "We're trying to avoid all that. Which is why I grabbed Thor's little hammer friend." She looked at Frigga. "So how do we protect you both so we can hopefully avoid the big purple thing?"

"We do not say his name as he would want to show up," Loki said.

"The redemption kid that called ours here called him the big purple turd." She grinned. "We agreed but he was two so he didn't get to swear that way."

Frigga cleared her throat, looking at Odin as he came back. She looked at her son. Then she nodded. "We must avoid some of that. I will not be killed during the upcoming convergence in a year and a half." She looked at Loki again. "You will not fall to your tortured state with that purple being." She looked at Jane. "Would you hand my son that hammer?"

"If it wants to go to him." She shrugged. "I don't want to keep it. I'd rather save humanity through Science, Lady Frigga. I have things I want to discover and none of them are in a battle." The queen smiled at that. "By the way, I'm Jane. Thor's with us and we've been flirting but he's really confused. Darcy's helped a lot."

Frigga nodded. "It's good he has learned some lessons." She let Odin have the notes. Then she patted Loki's hand. "We wanted to save you the horror of that knowledge," she said quietly.

He stared at her. "Instead you taught me to hate who I really am." She winced but nodded, looking at Odin.

"It was not up to anyone to tell you," he ordered, glaring at Jane. She smiled and held up the hammer, making him back up. "You're a woman!"

"Wow, and yet, women have been able to fight in every single culture ever created!" she shot back. "What a wondrous idea, a woman protecting her people because men are off doing manly man things that annoy others to start pointless battles for pointless status?" She looked at Frigga again. "I'm sorry you were trapped in marriage. I hope it wasn't as bad as mythology said Hera's was."

"No, dear. It was not that forced." She looked at Loki, who was shaking his head. "Perhaps some time on Midgard would help you as it has tempered your brother's mind?"

"I would think not. I have nothing in common with them."

Jane smiled. "You could do a lot of good as the one teaching humans how to deal with Asgardians. We have heros already and I know you're not one. We would probably need the help with the purple one."

He stared at her. "None of you have magic."

"No, we do have some. My intern, who's on a vacation life, compelled SHIELD to give me back my science and machines." She grinned. "I can't find a way to test it to see if we can do a sensor or some way of finding someone doing it. You could work with her. That way that redemption child doesn't have to come here and become *your* son." She smirked. "You could use some hope, right?"

He shuddered. "I would prefer not to have any." Jane nodded. "Oh, dear." He looked at his mother.

"It would be safer, Loki. You are my son and I wish to not see your funeral. Or my own. Saving you is a lynchpin to the rest not going on. Until that last problem. Then we must fight it. You could train much and learn much more."

"I would have to build a whole identity."

Jane nodded. "Ask Darcy about that. She does too for each life."

He sighed. "Redemption children are all very ...annoying," he decided. "And usually would not help one such as me."

Jane leaned closer. "Sometimes anti-heros need hope too." She straightened up. "Sometimes villains need it too so they're not as evil."

"I'd rather not be a villain."

"Then don't be," Jane said with a shrug. "That's a choice one makes. Even if it's forced on you by someone mentally preparing you to be a victim that has to fight his way out, it's a choice you make to be evil."

He stared at her. "I can see that point."

"And being on Midgard would mean you're away from all that up here. That way you and Thor can't battle. You don't get sent into the void and tortured...you don't get sent to take over earth while under mental coercion...." She grinned. "Much nicer probably."

He sighed but nodded. "That would help a lot. Though you doing this means that Thor can't get his hammer back."

"There's more than one way to be heroic, Loki. Battles aren't the only way or a good way. Only warlords who want to blindly kill people think battles are a *good* idea." She didn't look at either parent. "There's heroic things that save people greatly just by saving people. Firemen, police officers, paramedics and doctors or nurses. Hell, he could go become a regular soldier if he must to be that sort of heroic if that's what it takes. Heroism is in the small things that help people."

He nodded. "Good point. The hammer picks the nameholder of Thor's title though."

"Hmm. Is a warlord a good prince? A warrior perhaps when you have to be, but is that every single day of your life?"

"No," he admitted. "You're eloquent."

"I'm channeling Darcy." She grinned. "She does people things. She's told a few kids that recently because they wanted to be great heros in battles. Basically a well known soldier who saved people. They didn't get that most of them are known because they died of it."

Loki nodded. "That is true." He considered it then looked a this mother, who nodded. "It would get me away from many problems," he agreed. "Though I do not wish to exile myself on that planet."

"There's other realms," Jane reminded him. "And Midgard does have things you don't expect. No one expects Disneyland apparently. Thor was horrified that we have amusement parks." She shrugged. "Don't go in exile. Come as a prince of the realm that is your ambassador."

He tipped his head with a smirk. "That is actually a nice idea. I could see what they know of magic."

"You could go to any college you wanted," Jane agreed. "And learn of magic. We've got stuff to do when you're bored. And I'm pretty sure you can find your way to other realms without being found out."

"Yes, I can. There are back ways." He stood up, staring at Jane. "We will escort you back."

"Sure. SHIELD is infecting our town and could probably set things up for you." He walked off shaking his head but did pack his things quickly to go back with her. She swung the hammer, like it told her to, and they went back together. She landed, dropping the hammer. Darcy picked it up to move to a shelf with a pat for it. Thor tried to move it and couldn't. Jane looked at the agents. "This is Loki, Thor's brother. He's here to be our ambassador from Asgard to sidestep a lot of problems that him fighting with his brother would bring. Including an invasion of New York."

The agent in charge nodded. "That would suitably render that warning moot. I hope he does not cause us harm anyway?"

"I have no intention of it but I would hope the same could be said in return?"

"I can almost assure you of it," the head agent agreed. "We don't speak for everyone. Some are like that."

Loki nodded. "So are some of ours." He looked at Thor. "As your girlfriend pointed out, there's many ways of being heroic, Thor. Go save people somehow."

Thor stared at him. "How would one do that?"

"Be a firefighter," Jane said. "A paramedic. Hell, if you have to, be a soldier or an agent." She shrugged. "There's lots of ways of being a hero, Thor. Not all of them take a battle."

He slumped. "I suppose." He looked at the agents. The one in charge pulled him aside to talk to him about that. The rest was set up fairly easily. Though Loki wanted to go with Jane for now. She needed watched. She could lift the hammer, she was an interesting being and that girl that helped her was very odd. He watched the other agents, noticing why he would have turned one into a minion. Yes, quite amusing.

It would give him plenty of time to make sure that purple being did not end up killing him.


On his own realm, Xander sighed in relief that he didn't have to be sent to that one to fix it. Though he had an assignment waiting. He blinked and woke up as the fireman pulled him out of the car crash, cooing and cuddling him, refusing to let him go when he got carried to the ambulance. He stopped whoever from casting a charm to bind them together. That would mean the guy would get mad and abandon him when he fought it off. He really had to deal with whoever kept screwing up his assignments. The fireman sighed but stayed with him all the way to the hospital. He'd make a good dad. Not as cool as his last dad, but a pretty good one probably.

The End.
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